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From nature

From nature

By Teffer seyorn

From nature

Wake rest, then morning again of allowance:tolerance and acceptance. Ideas to look at, for, observations of these, two: tolerance and acceptance, analyzed variances: the obtuse from to the ambiguous and to the ethical fortitude of analogous connecting variation lightly as sound sounds as given to something sound, as I say this, restful morning again allows, allows to be the lens, magnifying the analysis of tolerance and acceptance as from managed ideas; rest. The mind when fatigued tends to rest in a place, if allowed, that tends to the tired mind with body, mind with world.

the first invisible process to sight is sight of many inner and without or inside and outside of nature tells of patience in my sight when in the past rest my imaginative flattering and watercolor it's as medium and now I rest this, on anyone who can interpret something from, nature. this narrative needs to be descriptive dynamic yet more, so to the theme overt as this writing is written for you more than me. I know how to start this message now.

A very long story short: nature is from in this idea, sight of patient nature, patiently seen by vision of a seer. To see the point or perhaps as this moreso so you can look at nature, as an adamant, anything outside of you, by standing still. The physical motion is decided as you decide to take steps looking and around you, everything adamant convex and concave allowanced as the right written, word: allowance.

You can look at nature, say a tree, or my surreal, small, lovable dog. For 5 minutes or 5 hours, allowed. The quiet resting That is from nature on be looked at for 5 years,if no fatigue rested your restlessness of this great observable message from nature. I I have exploited, compromised sacrifice for my senses where was so much mirror simple can this slow sequence of letters ideal. What I learned this allowance the subject headed by underscores of subordinate friends, tolerance and acceptance, the subfields of allowance, I know, saw synonomy, shorter story told:

I can stare at your shoulder bone or our friend her pretty eyes for 15 minutes to hearwhat the heck are you looking at LOL you got something stuck in your eyes!. This is perfect., Because from again nature I learned that I can look at myself, for inside the out or convex and concave for, my whole life, learning the respect I have again in my self.

The patience of confucius's shortcut away arrested by no failure in allowance to observe my mental state or mental phenomena. This allowance out most respect, this contemplative on nature to myself. It allows me to know that everyone around me in a hug or at the top of a building where I can see and look down and everyone starts to look like everyone else in the grand side of the ground not allowing the ease of communication and all of the other synonymy of expression This is perfect. Respect for focus a person who knows and was and once everyone as patiently awaiting rest, and sight shows to the identity of no transparency in my sight of you, and I cannot even see myself holistic as I see you transparent and, convex and, in of knowing you as well as I am sure you more........than of my fragmented self looked at myself, body parts, and this shows more to the beauty of aesthetic identity that is allowed by independence from that patience you can at first allow yourself from nature, to yourself.

iidentities and nfinite variations of the constant love for your trusted allowance,from nature, for patience for myself to you in need to simply say this: The easiest lesson ever taught comes from a statement that says I love you forever. to you to me for u from............nature.........

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About The Author
Teffer seyorn
About This Story
31 Aug, 2020
Read Time
3 mins
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