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Frustration in the Self

Frustration in the Self

By alexander

Push pull shoot it down and in the end perish, fight to your hearts content give up destroy be bullied crush your soul into tiny thousand bit pieces never stand up again and fight. Never give anything that is left for all that's left is keeping you alive all that's left is pulling you forwards, snap snap snap down you go into despairing descent never stand up to your full potential just keeps sitting in the darkness where you belong. Cross yourself over and over again like a tidal wave pulling you down get sucked up into the current of your existence never questioning where you came from where are you going to go just living in the moment, just feeling the work to live, live to work all you do is wake up and work to pay your rent and eat your food and that's your life such a small world you live in full of nothing, only the self and work. Food becomes tasteless experiences die so down you go into a land filled with booze drugs to make you happy anything to find your way out of the repetitiveness. The fact that nothing changes in your life is something that you still don't questions years later, the fact that you've been hitting your head against a brick wall and never finding the hole to stand to climb above and over it to your next destination. The year's linger on your face tying you down to one place to one brick and mortar home that becomes your tomb, your temple that will lead you to your death. Never seen the word for all its glory, for all its mystery you sit and question nothing you accept the world as it is you let it become ruin each of your Fingertips is the sadness that you can never fix that runs and screams out from your body things that you wish you had done the questions you should have asked know the answers it was now worse to never have asked instead, then to hate and twist yourself over the years till all that remains is the shadow you.

Author Notes: Just feeling frustrated about the world today good to get it out into the world

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9 Jan, 2018
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