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Fun Game
Fun Game

Fun Game


player's [20] Stella [35] Mason [43] Luke [89] Luis [98] Ava [90] Scarlet [58] Milly [96] Alice [76] Jewel [34] Sasha [67] Sarah [Luke] Okay call you back later. [Mason] Oh okay... Are you coming to my place..? [Luke] Oh uh yeah totally what are we going to do? [mason] I don't know maybe what we always do~ [Luke] yeah no [Mason] yeah kidding you can come at 10:00 I'm handling with Luis [Luke] Luis huh? you always dealing with him what do y'all even do? ಠ⌣ಠ [mason] you don't wanna know~ [Luke] You can stop now [Luis] w-what's going on? [mason] Go back to sleep!! [Luis] oh sorry (▰˘◡˘▰) [Luke] Who was that? [Mason] Luis [Luke] oh! okay bye gotta go ^̮^ [Mason] okay. bye! ( ゚ヮ゚) After the call Luke wanted to buy something for Luis because it was his birthday and he was 16 now so Luke wanted to buy him something [Luke] shit I got no money maybe there's a place somewhere I can get a job...ಠ~ಠ Later [Luke] YES I GOT A JOB but it's far away (゚∩゚) AH! a subway!! Luke walked into the subway not thinking of taking a step back or picking another job he just went in the subway He sat down waiting for the train. [Luke] ugh what's taking so long gosh (ㆆ _ ㆆ). [Luke] wait a min- [Jewel] hello.... [Luke] AH oh uh hi..? [Jewel] Sorry did I frighten you? [Luke] n-no n-not at all..(⊙_⊙) [jewel] o-oh o-o-okay are you sure..? [Luke] yeah.. [Luke] huh... AVA!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? [Ava] no need to holler ever seen your childhood friend ava before? [Luke] I uh no? [Ava] Whatever gotta go see ya later! [Luke] bye. [Jewel] I got to go to see ya!! [Luke] oh okay see ya. [Luke's mind] many people are leaving is there even a train coming? Maybe there's not. I should check and see. Luke got up and started looking to see if they were showing when the next train is coming he looked up and down left and right He didn't see a train so he sat back down and waited.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed a part of ep 1 ^^

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7 Dec, 2021
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1 min
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