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Funny Story About Cleaning the House

Funny Story About Cleaning the House

By HenryBrowning - 1 Review

A story from my childhood. 50s, we live in a communal apartment, 14-meter room, plank floors, not painted (important), covered with rugs. From time to time the floors have to be washed, the rugs shaken out (that was my job). The time has come, my mother was going to wash the floor, I knocked out the rugs on the street, but I was not allowed to walk for another “achievement” at school.

They were given the task to teach oral lessons on the couch. Well, I lay down with a book, sort of teaching. Father heated water in a bucket, brought it and put it near the sofa. He himself went to a neighbor (a little bit). Usually, my mother ordered the services of a maid but this time decided to clean the house yourself. Mom always wiped the floor under the dresser first (old, large, heavy). He wipes it and with his hand with a rag hits the leg of the dresser and the leg breaks off. The chest of drawers, naturally, falls with a crash on Mom.

The drawers opened, everything that was on the dresser flew off, the alarm clock rang from the blow, and my mother screamed in fright. I jump up off the couch and hitting my feet in a bucket of hot water, I also yell and with a learned soccer movement of my foot I send the bucket through the door, which opens and the father’s satisfied, screwy face appears in it, into which the bucket falls. Result: I had a burned leg (not badly), my father had a broken face (badly), my mother was not hurt at all.

Author Notes: You probably want to know something about me. I am very pleased. I'm glad you're interested in my person :) Probably the most you need to know about me is that I love cleanliness and order. I even often write articles about cleaning for a cleaning company I am a great perfectionist and a meticulous person. Also, from time to time I write articles and enjoy it.

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22 Apr, 2021
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