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Future Unknown Part 2
Future Unknown Part 2

Future Unknown Part 2


I catch a glimpse of Pit walking in with his family. He might be the only person in the whole world that actually knows me. He might even know me better than me. He lives on the west end with the other artists. His father is an architect and Pit will assume his role in the business soon enough. We both know better than to show our acquaintances in public. A working-class man of his background with a woman of my class would never be accepted in Garmdaville. In fact, we’d both be shunned to outside the walls if we were caught socializing. So, we go on our separate ways.

Inside the Grand Center I find my seat up front with all the other eligible girls. The shrieking and excitement was over whelming and I wanted to be anywhere but there. The eligible men were sitting across from us all picking out who they’d want to be matched with. Gross.

The public was surrounding us and the circular stage was in the middle. I took a quick glance around the center to find Pit. He looked at me and gave me an encouraging smile. Why couldn’t I just be up there instead? They had it made not being noticed by the King.

Bumm Bah Bummm! The King’s entry music played bringing me back to reality.

He took his time walking to the center dragging out the suspense. I was so nervous I forgot how to breathe.

“Today is the day many wait their whole lives for” the King spoke with elegance, but his charm didn’t fool me. He ruled the city with an iron fist and he swept women right under the rug. We had no say in anything nor did we get to speak up about it.

“Today I will grant a worthy young man and woman to be connected for life through creation of another human being.” He spoke leaving every woman hanging on his every word.

“To be worthy of this opportunity is a great showcase of one’s abilities to lead our society and to sustain the population. Being worthy means, you have not only the desirable physical attributions” he winked at the women’s section. “But the intellectual attributes that can bring up the next best Gramdavillian!” The crowd cheered.

My hands were sweaty and my mind was racing of everything that could happen next.

“It is with great honor that I now announce the next worthy man and woman to join together and produce the communities next human. “His face turned serious as he turned to look at the men’s section first.

“Congratulations Cal Majesky!! You are the next lucky man. Step on up here.” Cal jumped out of his seat and his family was cheering in the background. Everyone gave him a high five as he came on to the stage.

He wasn’t a bad looking man, but his wealth and intelligence had definitely gone to his head. I bet he didn’t even know how to shoot a gun. Look at his perfectly groomed hands and…

“Olivia Bethwit!!” the King’s voice rang in my ear.

I couldn’t be hearing that right. This is a joke. I look around and everyone is cheering and looking at me. Kali is pushing me onto the stage. My heart is racing and I can’t breathe. This can’t be happening. The room starts to spin and I just hear the King saying my name over and over.

I woke up later in my bed. My head was pounding like a hammer on my skull. When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by smiling faces and baby decorations all over my room. Oh no it wasn’t a nightmare.

Author Notes: Part 2!! Things are going to get good. Let me know what you think :)

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11 Jun, 2020
Read Time
3 mins
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