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Gain in the Pain

Gain in the Pain

By Kat - 2 Reviews

The waiting room smelled like the hand sanitizer that was so commonly used there, a mixture of rubbing alcohol and other chemicals that seem to only exist to burn your nose hairs off. Jackson sat in one of the over comfy chairs, trying not to wince at the pain throbbing in his arm. The only thing that kept him from screaming out in pain, or even saying 'ow,' was that there was a semi-cute girl sitting in the chair facing him.

She had pretty, deep green eyes and almost - blonde hair that made her eyes seem to be brighter than average irises. Jackson tried not to stare, but it was really hard, especially when she was right in front of him.

She looked up from the book she had been reading, and Jackson almost gaped when their eyes met. She smiled softly, and closed the book. All the while Jackson's heart was galloping around in its cage like a horse with cabin fever.

"Hello," the girl said, with a voice so soft it was almost a whisper.

Jackson finally found his voice. "Hi," his voice caught. Cursing himself, Jackson forced himself to stay focused on one thing - her voice.

"My friend's Christmas tree fell on top of me at a party, and I think it did something to my leg. All of the people at the party had been drinking -except me- so I had to drive myself. What about you?"


She smiled. "How did you end up here?"

Jackson blushed. "Oh... Well it's kind of embarrassing, but..." He looked at her, who was expectantly watching. "My friend dared me to jump off of my roof and into some snow he had gathered up, but it wasn't deep enough and I fell on my arm..."

Jackson watched as the girl smothered a grin. "That's horrible.... Sounds like something my dad or one of his friends would have done,"

Jackson nodded. "Jumping off of things seem to be something us boys like to do often,"

This time the girl actually laughed, a quite but noticeably unique thing. "I'm afraid you don't know my name," she said after she had gained her composture. "I'm Reyna, but you can call me Rey,"

Jackson smiled. "I'm Jackson, but I usually go by Jack."

"Hello Jack, it's nice to meet you,"

"A pleasure," Jackson grinned.

They talked for a time, about plans for the holiday and wether or not they thought that they had broken a bone.

"....I was wondering if you wanted to meet up and have dinner?" Jackson inquired, nervousness swarming inside his stomach.

Rey seemed to think about this for a moment, as if she couldn't remember something. Before she could answer, a door opened up from behind them.

"Jackson?" Asked a gruff male voice.

Jackson nodded and stood, but all the while looking at Reyna, waiting for an answer. As he was making his way to the door, he heard it.

"I would love to, Jackson. Thank you." Jackson felt a paper being pressed into his palm, and took it gently.

When he looked at the paper, nine numbers neatly written in pen stared back up at him. A phone number. Her phone number.

Author Notes: So I'm not going to go any farther with this; I think that it's up to the reader to decide what happens. Please review! -KP

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2 Jan, 2017
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2 mins
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