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Galaxy Wars

Galaxy Wars

By Teddie


The galaxy has lived in peace for hundreds and thousands of years. There have been no wars no assassinations. Murder is still around because there's always one. The galaxy soon though very quietly turned into disarray as a new movement on the planet Juptune quickly escalates out of control. King Obesum the ruler of Juptune had ordered all people of this movement to be jailed or executed.

He did not however make that decision a senator from the planet Catano also known as the planet if the council had become Obesum's advisor and made all his decisions. Then on the that fateful day it happened. The galaxy's peace was now gone.

The movement's leader Jeffries Perse had a meeting with the King. Perse brought on of his advisors with him by the name of Malcolm. A brash young man who quickly impressed Jeffries. But everything went wrong soon a gun shot went off and everyone ducked for cover. Another went and another. Soon Juptunian soldiers entered the room and tried to escort them out. But soon Jeffries was shot dead and a couple seconds so was the King. The soldiers were dead as well.

Only Malcolm was left he slowly rose to a window and gave a thumbs up. The shots were done now and a new order was about to rise. Malcolm returned to the movements base and gave the news. No one could believe what they heard. Soon with Juptune's government in weak condition Malcolm turned the movement into his new empire. The Dubian Empire. He easily took over the planet of Juptune with his new leader, General Maricio.

They took people over viciously and without mercy. "For Jeffries because it's what he would have wanted." In truths sight Malcolm could care less of Jeffries but it kept his army with him. But people started to wonder about his motives. Murmurs in the empire started to grow louder and louder. Malcolm was assassinated two months later by one of his own men.

On the planet of Catano the council debates about the situation on Juptune after months of arguing they came to an agreement one that would change the whole galaxy and the Dubian Empire forever.

To Be Continued...

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13 Feb, 2013
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1 min
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