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A Gamer's Tale

A Gamer's Tale

By Optimism101 - 2 Reviews

“Grampa! Grampa!”

Three children ran up to an old man swaying slowly in a handmade rocking chair.

“Oh it’s great to see you again you chickens.” The old man hugged all of them.

“They really were excited to come out today. They’re going to school soon.” The father stood nearby.

“Well it’s no bother to have them around.” The old man smiled.

“Can you tell us a story grandpa?” One of the children asked and went full on puppy eye mode. The others soon followed.

“Oh put those eyes away of course I’ll tell you a story.” The old man leaned forward.

“You going to tell them that story again dad?” The father pulled up a chair.

“Of course I will, it’s the only one I got!” The old man laughed at his own joke. For a while.

“Now, listen closely. For I will tell you a story of excitement, danger, action, monsters, and most importantly, romance.”

“Ewwwww.” The children replied.

“Oh hush up. You’ll appreciate it more when you’re older. Now, where do we begin…”


Back before the war I was a striking young man. Hardworking, and had landed myself a good job in the big city, working to make a living.

“What’s a job?” One of the children’s voices pierced through the narration.

A job is where you work for money. Now hush, I’m trying to tell a story.

I was strong and loved to toy around with games. Not the games you play, but old games. We called these, video games. They were large games where you got to live through a story. Now, I used to train up in the games, and was able to play them outside of the game, if you know what I mean.

You don’t?


Well I was really good at using weapons.

Now, my story really starts on one fateful day. The day it happened.

I was leaving work with my new paycheck. I was excited, because today was also coincidentally the day my favorite game series released its next game. The legend of Eswellda: Exhale of the Nature. This was years in the making, and boy was I excited for it. I rushed down to the shop and waited in line.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Until finally something happened.

A light started to pour out from the shop. Keep in mind I was still outside of the shop, and still waiting. I thought maybe some scrub brought a flashlight into the store, but I was wrong. The light started to get brighter and brighter until people started to run out of the shop screaming. I started to walk away a bit before BOOM! The shop exploded and shrapnel went everywhere. Luckily I was still a ways back in the line and wasn’t hurt, but some others were. Their wounds were bad, but not as bad as what came out from the shop.

A large figure, I’m not sure how large, but it was large, came from the shop. It was entirely red, with large jagged horns erupting from the top of it’s head. Instead of a mouth or eyes, it had a large black diamond shape thing, and a large set of mandibles, like in an ant. It wasn’t wearing any clothes, but looked like it was wearing a skintight suit of red. It was incredibly muscular and around 10 feet tall. And it was not happy.

It shrieked into the air, and more creatures flooded from the remains of the shop. Tons and tons of flying creatures. They all looked like giant wasps, and quickly swarmed together into huge clumps that blocked out the sun. Many people were now screaming and running around in terror due to the terrors, but I was frozen in place. I looked back at the red thing. It looked around at the streets which were now barren of people. It’s eye finally landed on me, who was still shocked from the whole event that just happened.


I didn’t speak, or move its mouth, but I heard it.


I nodded


It walked over to me, the ground shaking with it’s every step. It finally stopped nay a foot away from me and stared down at me.


It raised both of its arms and swung them down.

I fell backwards at the last second, its arms slammed the ground near my feet, cracking the ground. I scrambled back, terrified at the pure strength of this creature. There wasn’t even a scratch on its arms.


I clambered up, now on my feet. And started to slowly walk backwards.


It slowly started to walk after me. No faster than I was walking backwards.



It started to walk faster after me, now gaining more speed. I turned, and ran as fast as I could, but it still followed, just as fast. I knew where to go, and what to do though, so I would obviously have the advantage. I turned once, then twice. Twisting through every alley and street I could, until I finally lost it, and arrived at my house. If this was really happening, I couldn’t not have it. I rushed through my house, not wasting a second, and un-racked my greatest collection. The one thing I owned more precious then everything else. I called it, my Crusher Cleaver. It was a large blade, larger than most would be able to use, but I had taken years of training. My whole life was me preparing to use this one day, and now I could. I slipped the sheath on, and it firmly lay across my back, ready if I needed it. Now, if that monster wanted a fight, I was ready to give one.

I stepped outside of my house, and unsheathed my cleaver.

“I-“ I started to yell before I was cut off by a womanly scream from down the street. I quickly sheathed my blade and dashed after the noise.

It was a young man. He couldn’t be older than 22, and he was trying to fend off some of the flying creatures, and he was not succeeding. He was covered in scratches, blood pouring from some, and his defense was weakening. I had to step in.


That was really the only way to describe the sound of my blade through one of the creatures. It cut through cleanly, but it was not clean itself. Green goop started to pour from its wound as it crashed to the ground. The others were not happy with me killing their friend, but they wouldn’t feel anything for long. I spun around and slammed my blade into the ground, straight through another of the wasps, and it fell out from the air in two halves. The last of the three charged at me, stinger first. I ducked and thrust my sword up, straight through its chest. It screamed and wriggled before impaling itself more on my blade. It stopped, and I pushed it off with my heel.

“Thank you so much I was sooo dea-“ The young man started to run after me but caught his foot on a rock. He started to fly forward, but I caught him in my arms.

“Oh… thank you.”

I stared into his eyes. They were a gorgeous blue.

“No problem.” I answered.

He stumbled out of my arms and dusted off his clothes.

“I uh, I really have to get going.” He rearranged his clothes, so they looked nicer again.

“Where?” I asked, now becoming intrigued.

“I… I don’t know.” He confused himself and now started to pace around mumbling.

“If you want, you could come with me.” I offered, already growing accustomed to his presence.

“But I’ll just be a nuisance to your butt kicking world saving thing.” He pouted.

“Nope, it’ll all be good.” I answered calmly.

“Are, are you sure?” He inched closer.


“Thank you thank you thank you!” He ran up and hugged me tight. I hugged back.

“Where are we even going?” He asked, and looked up to me, still hugging.

“To save the world of course.” I answered.


“Alright kids we have to go for now.” The dad broke through the story.

“Awwww, can’t we stay a bit longer?” The kids whined in unison.

“No, I’m sorry, we have to go now.” The dad stood up.

“It’s alright my chickens, I’ll be here next time.” The old man started to rock once more, staring out at the beautiful sky.

Author Notes: Okay, okay, I hope this satisfied yalls's story-lust. And I will actually finish this one. I have no idea what to do with this but i'll finish this one for sure. I promise. And If I don't you have all rights to 1 star every one of my stories. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one. It's new, I tried more action, and I tried to break one of the old "Guy meets girl" trope for some "guy meets guy" tropes. I'm mostly sticking with this, but if yall's have suggestions, or comments, or anything, feel free to tell me, I am open for anything. You could legit go "your mum gay" and I would take that nicely. See yalls in the next one!

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