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A Gang life for me...

A Gang life for me...

By Scory - 3 Reviews

Chapter 1 New girl in Miami
Sarah’s POV;
I walked slowly towards the academy, cursing under my breath about my insane mother who had to move us whenever she slept with the wrong man at work, I looked down at the school uniform and wanted to puke, I looked like a jolly green giant. The school was gated, as I walked through, this was going to my school for senior year, I walked up to the office to grab my schedule and a map of the school. “We can have Damien Riley show you around, he is also a senior.” The older woman smiled at me with cigarette stains on her teeth. “super.” I said sarcastically. “I am really not that bad of a tour guide.” I turned to the deep voice, and was looking directly into the eyes of a handsome guy, and did I mean handsome, light blue eyes and dark black hair. “Sarah I assume?” he stuck out his hand. I nodded dumbly and took his hand, maybe this wouldn’t be such a horrible senior year.
The school was pretty large, but Damien was a good tour guide, I noticed how all the girls watched him move though the halls. “Looks like we have all the same classes.” He smiled at me. “Cool.” I mumbled. “You sure mumble a lot.” He laughed and held open the Chemistry door for me. I decided not to think of it and went in.
Frankie’s POV;
I leaned against my black V8 Titan waiting for Damien to get out of school. ‘Where the fuck are you?’ I typed in the text message. I waited for his reply. ‘Just have to show this really hot new girl the way home.’ His text read. ‘Just bring her, and I’ll drop her off.’ I snapped my phone shut, and watched my younger brother come out from the school, a tall curvy girl followed, her long black hair tied up in a pony tail, the short uniform skirt made her legs go on for days. I lifted my aviators onto my head as they came closer. “Sarah, this is my older brother Frankie Riley.” Damien smiled at her, she glanced up at me quickly and nodded, I bit my lower lip when I saw her haunting blue eyes for the second I could. “Jump in, we have got shit to do.” I stammered and walked around the car, I watched as Damien opened the door for her and then he climbed in next to me. “So where are you from?” I looked in the rearview mirror to look at her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her olive shaped face. “New York” she said with a shrug. “Mom got a new job?” Damien asked, her laugh was beautiful, “More like she fucked some asshole at the firm and we had to move.” I choked on the gum that I was chewing and Damien looked out the window wordless. “Do you know what you can just drop me off over here, I don’t really feel like going home right now.” Sarah pointed to the harbor. “Frankie, can she just hang out with me at home, I mean were just doing that party tonight right…” I stopped listening to him. “Sarah you can come over to our place, were just throwing this party… beer… and other stuff.” I smiled when she smiled and nodded.
Damien’s POV;
I glared at Frankie as we pulled up to our house, which was huge because of the business that my father and Frankie started. I glanced back at Sarah quickly; she was looking out the window with awe. “Welcome to our home.” I smiled and opened the door for her. “It’s a beautiful home.” she blushed as Frankie came around the side of the car. “Come I will give you a tour, then I can see if any of Frankie’s exploits have some bikini’s that would fit you.” I laughed at the stab I was able to do with him, he pointed his finger at me, then shrugged and moved on. I showed her the massive pool in the backyard and the entire house, she loved the pool. “Can I grab you a beer Bab…Sarah…” I stammered. she smiled and nodded. “Do you have as many tattoo’s as your brother?” she asked. “You’ll have to wait and see when we get in the pool…” she blushed. “Sarah, here are some of my exploits bikini’s you can try them on in the spare bedroom. Damien, I need you go get the supply that’s in the garden shed. Sweeny and D’Que should be here any minute.” I watched as Sarah took in Frankie’s chest, which was covered in tattoo’s, shit I was screwed…
Sarah’s POV;
I couldn’t help but stare at Frankie, he was so masculine and tanned with tattoo’s that you just wanted to reach out and trace, I looked over at Damien and he smiled and nodded for me to and try the stuff on. “Thanks.” I mumbled and tried not to look into Frankie’s green eyes. ‘Exploits, he must get a lot of women then.’ I spoke to myself as I looked at all the bikini’s he gave me. It felt kind of strange to wear someone else’s clothing, what if she showed up to this party tonight. I bit my lower lip. “Sarah?” Damien knocked on the door, I opened it and smiled. “Look I was thinking, I can drive you home to pick up some stuff, if you don’t want to wear that stuff.” He gave me his lopsided smile. “Oh really, that would be great.” He held out his hand for me to take and he led me out to the black mustang in the driveway. “Your car?” I lifted an eyebrow at him, he chuckled and nodded. “Where do you live?” he asked and I gave him directions. I sighed in disappointment when I saw my mother’s car there. “Mom?” he asked. “Yeah… we don’t really see eye to eye.” I rubbed my arm. “I can come in with you if you want.” He smiled. “Sure…” I let him into the house, I saw my mother’s clothing in a line to my bedroom, I let my mouth fall open… there she was naked and riding some guy. “MOM!” I screamed, she looked at me and winked. “I think I am going to get this job… right Rob?” the man looked embarrassed and tried to move. “Get the FUCK out of her room.” Damien moved in front of me and pushed my mother and the guy out. Tears were streaming down my face as I looked at my bed. “Where do you keep your suitcase?” he asked, he placed his hand on the flat of my back to get my attention. “In the closest…” I mumbled and wiped away tears. “Pack as much as you can now, and when your mom is gone, we can come back for the rest.” I smiled at him. “You want me to move in with you and your brother?” he blushed a little which made him look even cuter. “Sure we got the room, if you don’t mind drugs, some sex and booze… did I mention that we are known around here W.S.B?” it was then I caught on, “West Side Boyz… the gang…” he nodded and kept looking at me as he threw in clothing and other things. “Cool.” I smiled, this was my chance I could start a new life.
Frankie’s POV;
“Where are you?” I yelled into the phone, the music was already blasting thanks to Sweeny. “I just went to get some stuff with Sarah. She is going to be staying awhile.” I looked at the guys all around the pool watching the girls swim. “Great she will fit right in.” I stammered, and then the thought of all the boys looking at her made me sick, “Well just hurry up, we got some customers coming by in a bit, and you know how I get once I start drinking.” I snapped the phone shut before he answered. I moved towards the guest room with a beer in my hand, all the bikinis were still lying on the bed, I scoped them up in my arms, she would be sleeping next to my room. I need to keep my head clear. When I came back from the bathroom, Damien was walking in carrying to bags, Sarah followed behind with another, her hair loosely down now. “Here let me help.” I placed the beer down and took the bag from her. “She can have the guest room little brother.” I shouted and he nodded. “thanks for letting me crash for a bit.” She smiled at me for the first time, and I thought that I would fall over. She was perfect. We put her bags down and left her to change. “Frankie…I like her.” Damien spoke up as I passed him a beer. “Well dude, she is your age…” I mumbled. I felt sick when I said it. “Thanks.” He smiled and took another beer and opened it. “WOW!” Sweeny came into the room, and we followed his eyes, Sarah walked out in a black full piece that was slit all the way down to her belly button, her stomach flat and smooth, with a tiny cherry belly ring dangling from her. “Beer?” Damien almost spilled on her. “Sure thanks.” She took it and took a sip. “Do I look ok?” I heard her whisper to Damien. “Hot.” He smiled.
Sarah’s POV;
Wow, I couldn’t believe that I was W.S.B’s headquarters, and they were all so nice. I had only met the guys so far. Sweeny was this short guy with blond choppy hair and brown eyes, he was funny and loud. Then there was D’Que a guy that was from Cuba, he was huge I could have pictured him being a big teddy bear, but he was covered with tattoo’s and a gun tucked into the front of his jeans, but it didn’t stop him from coming in for a hug. “Your beer is empty girl.” He smiled and leaned over to a cooler that was right beside him and took one out. “Here I can open it.” Frankie came by and smiled at me, my heart began to flutter as he passed it to me. Frankie was able to take my breath away each time I saw him so far. “Come on I will introduce you a few more people.” Damien placed his hand on my back, “Tommy man, want you to meet a new member of the crew.” Damien called to a dark Spanish looking guy. Tommy was a tall guy, that also surprise… surprise had a lot of tattoo’s as well. “Sarah… Welcome.” He smiled. “Shelby gets your cute ass over here.” a girl came towards us, who was stunning. “Sarah, this is my woman Shelby.” Tommy wrapped his arm around her. “Sarah… you look so pretty… and normal.” She laughed and glanced at the blonds in the pool which were playing with Frankie. “Oh thanks…” she smiled and took my hand, “come let’s get to know each other.” She dragged me towards the hot tub. Damien shrugged at me and laughed. “I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you here.” Shelby smiled. “Thanks…” I took another sip. “How old are you?” she asked. “19… I go to school with Damien.” She smiled, “him and his brother are quite taken by you; but of course Frankie won’t do anything, he doesn’t like to still younger girls that could be with his brother.” I smiled at her and bit my lip and glanced towards Frankie, he was looking at me, and the blush crept onto my cheeks. “How old is he?” I asked, Shelby glanced at Frankie who was now back to business. “27, but he acts younger.” We both laughed. “How’s it?” Damien came and sat next to me. I let him put his arm over my shoulder; at least I could try to have something with him I thought. “Were going to be great friends…” I heard Shelby giggle, it brought me back to the presence and nodded and smiled at Damien.

Frankie’s POV;
The party was starting to overload with people. “Isn’t Johnny on the door?” I yelled over to D’Que, he was sitting next Damien and Shelby and Sarah who I tried not to look at too much. “He didn’t make it tonight; he had to do some stuff in Cuba for me.” D’Que called back. “Sorry Damien, I am going to have to get you to do it, you can take your girl with you.” I stepped back with surprise when I saw Sarah’s eyes flash with anger. “You can stay and drink.” Damien smiled at her and took off. I turned and started to talk to Big Red, a customer of ours. “I’m not his girl.” I shivered when her hand touched my arm. “My bad.” I mumbled, and turned to look down at her. “You have no ink?” she blushed. “No I don’t… I want some though…” her voice was so soft. “Look, I got to get some stuff done, so go back and have some drinks with the others.” I smiled. She looked hurt for a moment but then it was gone as she spun around on her heels. I swallowed the beer hard, “that girl is amazing.” Shelby came up to me. “Tell me about it, I just met her two hours ago.” I laughed and ran my fingers through my hair. “She likes you; asked how old you were.” I raised an eyebrow. “And…” I smiled. “She doesn’t mind the age difference.” Shelby laughed. “But that doesn’t mean make her one of your many… maybe wait and see if Damien makes a move.” She patted my arm and moved on. I watched as most of the people left the party. D’Que and Sweeny lived here with us so they picked out two girls to stay with them. I watched as Sarah went over to Damien and they took off into the house. “That girl is the sexiest thing…” D’Que whistled as he came next to me. “Sure is, but I have worry about this shit.” I passed him the coke that looked like 2nd grade to what we use to get. “Shit, what the hell is Johnny doing there?” D’Que licked some off his finger and made a face. “I wouldn’t even do this shit.” D’Que spat it out as Sweeny joined us. “Sounds like a trip to Cuba is coming up?” he smiled. “yes tomorrow, so send your picks home.” I hissed.
The two were sitting on the couch watching T.V. when I came in. “No school tomorrow Damien, were heading to Cuba.” Damien stood and smiled. “Sarah…” I shook my head. “She can stay here…” she looked at me with hate. “Fine.” she stood and kissed Damien on the cheek then went to her room. I shook my head. “Get to bed, we leave in two hours.” I hissed.
I turned on the light in my room, suddenly feeling lonely, usually I would have some girl to keep me entertained but I was too busy worrying about Sarah. I laid down on the bed and turned on the TV. A few hours a faint knock came from the door. “come in?” Sarah opened the door, “Sorry, I can’t sleep… I am looking for Damien’s room…” she smiled. I stood and took her hand and pulled her into my room, her arms wrapped around my neck as I pressed my lips against hers. They were soft and moist I groaned at what I was doing, and pulled away. “You can sleep next to me if you want.” I smiled as she climbed next and laid her head down on my chest. “You can come to Cuba.” I kissed her head. “thanks.” She smiled and soon I heard her soft snores.
The morning came quick; I climbed out of bed to find Damien and Sweeny in the Kitchen. “Sarah must have taken off for school?” Damien looked at me, and then his face looked white as she walked out of my room. “Well I saw that coming.” Damien shook his head. “Sorry brother… but know this girl is different… I didn’t sleep with her.” That caught all of their attention “Really?” my brother asked. “Yes.” He nodded. “And she is coming with us to Cuba.” The guys all nodded and made the way towards the private jet that we had in the back, I waited for Sarah as she came out with a tiny bag. “Try to stay by me while we are there.” I held my hand out to her and she took it quickly and we made our way to the jet. “You have got to be kidding me.” she smiled at me as she took in the plane. I have got to be kidding that I wanted to be a boyfriend... I sighed and kissed her nose before we got on the plane.

** this is just the start of the story... i am not sure if it is all that good... hope you enjoy... i might post more of it if people like.

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