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Garry's Story.

Garry's Story.

By TheRedComrade

Garry was born in the small town of Armadillo and moved with his family to a port town by the name of Blackwater, this town was the beginning of Urbanization on the Western Frontier. Garry and his family when he was a young boy by the time of 3 years old, his father went to the bank and bought a home nearby the town to start up a ranch and begin farm life. Garry would go to the school in Blackwater learn to read, write, and would be gifted in drawing. By the time Garry was 8 he would be picked on at school, this would lead to Garry working overtime and mentally preparing himself to face the bullies at school. When Garry finally struck back at the Bullies they feared him, showing how Garry was infact able to take care of himself.

Garry would grow up to be 16 living with his mother and father on their ranch, Garry would wake up in the morning doing his daily chores, feeding the caddle, washing the dishes, looking after his 4 month old pregnant mother who would be due soon. Garry would always have something to do around the house while helping his father. Garry would wake up one morning to his Father asking him to come with him to town to get more supplies for their ranch and food for the upcoming winter months, Garry would accept put on his pants and boots and walk out the door to have some breakfest. After breakfest he went into his mother's room kissing her sleeping head then walking out the door to his father, Garry would climb onto the wagon with his father and would ride with his father into town.

As they approached town Garry and his father would be stopped by a group of men in long coats and black hats, they would stop the wagon and walk up to Garry's father beside the carriage, They would say "Howdy sir, see you and your boy are heading into town?" Garry's Father would nod. The man would say "Well in order for entrance we require some money for entrance into town since of danger." Garry's father would deny them payment. The man would say "You don't want to make us angry mister, we got itchy trigger fingers." Garry's father would draw his revolver quicker then all three of the men pointing it at his nose. Garry's father would say "Now how about you let us be on our way before I'm digging a hole for you." The men would lower their guns as Garry and his father rode into town.

They would ride into the town parking by the general store, Garry's father would tell Garry "Stay out here son while I talk to the store keeper." Garry would say "You got it pa." waiting patiently for his father, Garry would see a strange man far off looking at him. A man in a black tophat and suit staring at Garry strongly before walking away. Garry would think to himself before snapping out of it as his father exited the store.

Garry would help with his father gathering the supplies loading them into the carriage, stocking Corn, Potatoes, Carrots, Hay, and a new Rifle his father held in his hands. Garry would ask his father "Pa? Why did you buy a shooter?" His father would respond saying "Well I don't want us to take any chances riding home with those men." Garry would nod as he put more bags into the back of the carriage.

The sun would begin to start setting over the land as Garry packed the last bag into the back of the carriage. He would hop on with his father and they would begin to ride out of town up the hill towards their home. Garry would see the same group of men by the bar staring him and his father down as they rode out of town. Just as they begun crossing up the hill a large group of men in Dusters and Long coats on horseback would ride past them into Town.

Garry and his father would cross the hill to see shear terror, their home lit a blaze fire crackling into the sky. Garry's blood would run cold as he saw their home in flames. They would begin rushing home as fast as the horses could on the carriage, Garry would be able to hear his mother's shrieks and cries from inside as the home began to burst into more flames. Garry would rush up to the door trying to find a way in, he would enter the house flames burning his room, their living room, everything. He would see his whole world crumbling around him as he kept trying to find his mother he would shout out "Momma! Momma I'm here where are you!" She would scream up on the top floor, Garry would rush towards the stairs but as he did so a part of the house would fall collapsing the stairs and his only way up. Garry would cough as smoke entered his lungs coughing harder and harder. Garry would begin to slouch down coughing on the floor gasping for air. Nearly passing out his father would rush in grabbing him and taking him outside setting him down, their home would then cave in completely silencing his mother's shrieks and cries. Garry would awake on the ground looking up at his home burning, tears filled his eyes knowing he just lost his mother.

Garry and his father would weep as the sun began to set, Garry would look up onto the nearby hill seeing a man in a brown duster coat looking at him. Garry and the man would lock eyes, Garry knew he was the reason responsible for this. The man would turn off and ride off with a big group of men. Garry and his father would weep into the night, and Garry would leave by morning to avenge his fallen mother and his now ruined life.

Year one of tracking down the leader:

Garry's face still wet from tears would ride into Blackwater walking up to the bar wiping his face entering it, He would ask anyone if they had any idea at all who or where this man could be found. People would deny seeing him, Except for one man saying "I don't know where he is, but I do know where one of his boys are." Garry would be tipped off about one of the leader's boys nearby the river just a few miles down from Garry's home. Garry would set off riding for hours but finding the man camping alone, Garry would hop off his horse as the stars glistened in the night, The man's campfire would still be lit as he stood on the dock fishing. Garry would take out his father's revolver he took and would load one in the chamber. The man would hear the hammer being pulled back and would turn around slowly to see Garry pointing the revolver at him. Garry would say "Where's your leader." The man would shrug. Garry would ask again "Tell me where your leader is or I won't regret my actions." The man would drop his fishing pole saying "Your no killer son, I've seen my share, you ain't one." Garry would grow angrier shouting "TELL ME WHERE HE IS DAMN IT!" The man would say back "I ain't telling you shit boy." Garry would looking down the sights as his hand was tense. Garry's revolver would go off in his hand firing into the man's neck, The man would fall backwards into the water choking on his own blood. Garry's hand would shake as he looked at his revolver seeing the smoke coming off of it. Garry would say to himself "I shot him.. I sh-shot him." Garry would slowly put his revolver away as he grabbed the man's body looting it for any intel. He would find a map seeing all the locations of the gang's campsites. Garry would set off in the night with murder fresh in his young mind.

Year Two of tracking down the leader:

Garry has cleared out two camps full of the gang members about 7 people have died by Garry's hand now. Garry continues searching for the leader yet no closer to finding him. As Garry's riding in between towns Garry hears the shrieks of a woman being attacked by a cougar. Garry fires killing the cougar saving the woman who has been gravely injured on her face. Garry takes her into Blackwater to find help. This woman's name is Eliza. She and Garry would begin to bond over similar past occurences with both of them, and are as close as siblings. She would ride off with Garry helping him with his problems as he helped with hers.

Year Three of tracking down the leader:

Garry after clearing 8 camps of the Leader's Gang having the kill tally of 18 members, finds a tip off that after 3 long years of searching that Garry has a confirmed location of the leader. The leader's secure base camp is far out west in Gaptooth Breach in a old mining town. A problem arises when Garry learns that it would take the rest of the year to travel across the states to get to the mining camp. But Garry's mind is set on avenging his Mother and how this man ruined his life.

Year Four Leader found:

Through the harsh winter months as Spring finally settles Garry is just a few miles away from The Leader's base camp. Thoughts rush through his mind wondering if it would all be worth it in the end. He sleeps knowing tomorrow is the day he avenges his mother and father. Garry awakes to a rainy morning seeing his campfire extinguished, He puts on his pants and boots hopping on his horse riding towards the base camp. Garry get's up to a vantage point looking down on the mining town seeing at least 40 gang members, Garry says to himself "He's here alright, got enough men for an army." Garry would grab a lancaster repeater off his horse walking up to the base camp's front entrance. Two guards would shout out "Halt there! This is a closed area!" Garry would grow angrier slinging his revolver out firing two bullets into the two guards faces. The group would begin grabbing arms rushing towards cover as Garry hid nearby on a rock. A two hour shootout would occur as Garry coming close a few times nearly being shot, the rain would pour strong as the gunfire continued. After shooting the last standing guard, Garry would look up towards a office seeing a light snuff out. Garry would sling his Lancaster over his shoulder pulling out his revolver walking up the stairs as rain poured down. Garry would slowly open the door looking inside then stepping in, the door would slam closed behind him as the leader jumped onto Garry's back. Garry would rush around with the leader on his back trying to throw him off, Garry would throw the man into the wall getting ready to aim his revolver but getting slashed across the face with a knife the leader had in his hand. Garry would slam the leader into a table knocking him down, Garry would feel across his face feeling his left eye, Blood dripped onto his hands as he would slowly loose vision in his left eye. Garry would look at the leader on the ground, the leader would look back up at him with fear. Garry woulds go blind in his left eye, Garry would holster his revolver walking over to the leader picking him up and putting him over the table. He would take the leader's knife and would stab into and through his right hand pinning him to the table, Garry with anger in his face would say "I've tracked you down for four years, you destroyed my home, my future, my family." The leader would look on with fear Garry would then say "Now I will take everything from you, including your life." The leader would begin to stumble with words saying "Y-your father owed us money! He did! You should have just payed us and none of this would have happened!" Garry would pick up a nearby hammer on the table. The leader would look on with terror seeing Garry holding the hammer walking over to the leader. The leader would begin screaming as Garry would begin slamming the hammer snapping bones in the leader's legs and arm. Garry would then begin screaming slamming the hammer repeatedly into the leader's skull. By the time Garry had finished there was nothing but a stump left. Garry would rip off his own blood covered coat and would take off the Leader's brown duster, Garry would exit that room a changed man, a killer, a murderer, a broken man, but most of all, an outlaw.

Author Notes: Note: Keep in mind this is a story that has been crafted over a two year period during Red Dead Online, And Eliza the character mentioned is my friend with her own character's backstory as well. Hope that you enjoy it!

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