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Gas Station Girl

Gas Station Girl

By Mother Goose - 1 Review

I slowly pulled in the parking space. It was poorly lighted, only with a flickering light bulb hanging from the station's metallic roof. My old rusty pick-up truck barely fitted in the slot. I hopped out and started filling up my tank... The station was located on the side of an off-country road where no cars passed by. I thought that was peculiar since rarely anyone used that road, only truck drivers like me heading to Lowbrow Farm. The warm breeze of spring nights in the Midwest caressed my face. The pump clicked and the price showed up. The ominous feel in the air was not very comfortable, but it was tolerable. I walked in the small cottage in front of the gas station, probably where the owner lives. I ring the door, no answer. I do it again but still, no answer. Maybe that person is asleep, since it is, after all, 3 am. I slowly opened the door. It was pitch black inside, no one to be seen or heard. I walked around the home and yelled:
-Hello! Is anybody here?
Suddenly, I heard something fall over. I turned around only to see a young woman standing behind me. She was holding a ripped-apart teddy in one hand and a bloody rose in the other. I said:
-Hello, I'm looking for the owner of this shop to pay.
She said nothing, her face gazing into the darkness of the room. I inspected her face closer, she had no eyes or no mouth. Just two holes in the center of her face. I started getting scared and rushed out. I was about to pass the threshold when I felt a cold hand on my shoulder pulling me back. I turned around, it was that girl. She had not moved, only her arm stretched 7 yards... I turned around, a red liquid was dripping from the two holes she had on her face. I was mortified. I ran a fast as I could but the arm stretched while the grip on my shoulder tightened. My car! I could cut her arm with my car door. I hopped in, slammed the door as hard as I could, but nothing happened. It was like elastic. Ok, new plan, I drove away as fast as I could and as far as possible. The hand was still on my shoulder, and it finally let go. I looked in the rear view mirror. The girl was still there, except she was on the parking lot. As I drove away, I thought I was safe. Oh, how I was wrong. After 5 minutes of driving, I hit someone. I was scared so I jumped out of my car to see if they were alright. They were belly flat, and immobile. I flipped the person over only to see the girl's bloody face. I rushed back to my car but my motor wasn't starting. I turned and turned my key in vain. She was getting closer, and I was going to die. She sat on the front of the car and started punching the glass. That glass pane, the only thing keeping me safe from certain death. I prayed and prayed she would stop and I would survive. I closed my eyes, begging the Lord to be able to get out of this. When I opened them, she was not in the front anymore, but in the seat right next to me. I didn't have time to yell before she had ripped out my face and transformed it just like hers.

Author Notes: I hope you guys liked it! Make sure to check out my other stories (:

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About The Author
Mother Goose
About This Story
29 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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5.0 (1 review)

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