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Gears of Wonder Part 1: Questions
Gears of Wonder Part 1: Questions

Gears of Wonder Part 1: Questions

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Ian placed his hand on the machine in front of him, he could feel the gears moving underneath his hands. He always came to the engine room when he wanted to think. He desperately needed to get out of this place.

He had been born and raised on the big ship. The ship was big enough to fit millions of people comfortably, and still have room for the engines and control center. The people aboard the ship had been told that their home planet had been destroyed a thousand years ago. They had been forced to evacuate the planet and live in space.

All the passengers believed that story, well, everyone except Ian. Ian had been repairing some wire fixtures in the wall next to the command center. He was quite skinny and was just the right size to fit into the wall. The ship's mechanic often used Ian to repair things inside the wall.

The ship's high commander, Lethe, walked into the room. He did not know Ian was in the wall and walked up to the holographic projector and a small hooded figure appeared.

When the figure appeared, Commander Lethe saluted, “Lord Drazirack, everything is going as planned.”

Drazirack nodded, “That is good, you must make sure the subjects do not discover the truth.”

“Yes, my Lord, the subjects are still being told that they are escapees from their destroyed home planet. They have no idea what they are really your creations.”

“That is good, and make sure they are ready for our entertainment.”

Lethe nodded and saluted, “It shall be as you command.” Commander Lethe walked out of the room and the projector shut off.

Ian froze, What had they said? Creations? Entertainment? What were they talking about? What he had grown up believing was a lie. His ancestors hadn’t escaped from there home planet. Commander Lethe had said they were the hooded figures creations. What did that mean?

Once Ian finished his work, he went to the engine room. The gentle humming of the big engine helped him concentrate. What was he going to do? He had to figure out exactly what was going on. But how would he do that?

Ian thought for a moment thinking over all the possibilities. Then the answer hit him. The projector had all the conversations that had taken place stored in its memory banks. Perhaps one of the previous conversations held answers.

Ian waited until everybody aboard the ship was asleep, then he headed toward the command center. There were no guards because there was never a reason to have them. All the passengers always had enough to eat and wanted for nothing, so they had no reason to sneak around at night. Ian made his way to the command center and slowly opened the door. He walked inside and crept to the projector. The projector had a tall almost pyramid-like shape. The top had a large round disk where the images appeared.

Ian pried open a small hatch at the bottom of the base and studied the mess of wires and circuit boards. He carefully removed one of the circuit boards and reached in behind where it had been. After a few minutes of removing wires and digging in the machinery, he pulled out a small black box.

“Finally,” Ian said under his breath, “The memory bank.” He quickly replaced the wires and circuit board. After everything was back in place, he closed the hatch and left the room. The projector would still work, it just would not record the conversations.

Ian entered his room, closing the door behind him. He locked his door and sat down at his desk. He pulled his laptop toward him, setting the memory bank down. Ian opened one side of the memory bank and plugged it into his laptop.

“Time to find some answers,” said Ian, opening the first recording.

End of Part One

Author Notes: This was a fun story to write. I can't wait for part two!

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14 Oct, 2019
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3 mins
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