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Gears of Wonder Part 2: Answers
Gears of Wonder Part 2: Answers

Gears of Wonder Part 2: Answers

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The first file was the newest and was the conversation Ian had overheard. He moved to the next one, this one also showing Drazirack. The recordings only showed his side of the projector, but you could still hear both sides of the conversation.

“My lord,” Lethe’s voice said, “You called for me?”

“Yes,” Drazirack replied, “I am just checking in, is everything going according to plan?”

“Yes my lord, the subjects are being prepared.”

“Good.” The recording shut off and Ian moved to the next one. The recording went about the same way, Drazirack checking to see if the plan was proceeding correctly. This was also the same with the next two recordings.

“This is going nowhere,” Ian muttered to himself. He thought for a moment, then scrolled down to some of the older recordings. He clicked on one that had been dated right before Lethe had been appointed. Drazirack was again on the screen, still in his black hood.

“My lord?” said a voice Ian did not recognize.

“Yes, Commander Yereas?” Drazirack replied.

“Commander Yereas?” Ian wondered aloud. Yereas had been the former commander before Lethe took over. Everyone had been told that he had gone on an important mission, and never came back.

“Why are we doing this?” Commander Yereaze asked.

“I am disappointed in you Yereaze,” Drazirack said, “You are simply a puppet in plans made by people much more capable than you. You should not be asking questions.”

“I know, My Lord,” Commander Yereas’s voice had a hint a fear as he spoke, “but why? Why make these people live in comfort and happiness, just to be slaughtered for your entertainment?”

“YOU DARE QUESTION ME?” Drazirack voice resounded around Ian’s head. A few moments later, Drazirack said more calmly, “These people were taken from there home planet and have been bred to die at the hands of my pets. I have never liked you Yereaze, you are now dismissed. You will become our first sacrifice.”

Yereaze gave a sharp gasp, and the recording ended. What was Drazirack planning? Why were all of the people on this ship going to die? Before Ian’s head could explode with possible answers and theories, he moved to the next recording.

“Welcome, Commander Lethe,” Drazirack said, “you have been sent here to replace Commander Yereaze, who, as you know, questioned my orders and was dismissed. Before I begin my explanation, do you have anything you would like to ask?”

“No sir,” Lethe answered,” you have answered all my current questions, though more will most likely appear as we proceed.”

“Very well,” Drazirack said, “the people on this ship have been here for a thousand years, as their population grows, my plans proceed.”

“And what are your plans?”

“I was getting to that. These people are being bred as a sacrifice that will give me unimaginable power. For this task, I need the lives of millions, the support of millions, and the hate of millions. For thousands of years, I have been slowly destroying people’s planets and imprisoning their people. As more people grow to hate and despise my name, I have the hate of millions. The people on this ship will be killed, so I claim the lives of millions.”

“Where do you get the support of millions?” Lethe questioned.

“On the planet where I call home, I will take the people on this ship and they will be killed as entertainment for my people. They always enjoy a good sacrifice at the hands of my pets.”

Ian stopped the recording as his blood went cold. So this is what Drazirack was planning, he was going to kill everybody on this ship so he could have unimaginable power. Ian had to do something, but what? What could Ian do? He was only 14!

He didn’t care, he had to find a way.

To Be Continued in Gears of Wonder Part 3: Action

Author Notes: I got my ideas from my sister, Misty, who is also on this site. and from Star Wars. That is where Lord Drazirack originated from.

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11 Feb, 2020
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