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A Gentleman of Improvisio

A Gentleman of Improvisio

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

“Do you know you’ve added me?” The first message said “Hello, I just wanted to ask why you were staring at me?” he replied “When?” She asked “In RE today, you wouldn’t stop looking at me” “Well, I don’t know really” “My GF noticed in chemistry” “Yeah sorry about that” “Look, there’s something I wanna ask you” “What?” “Would you ever consider doing what we used to?”

There is was. The beginning of something both horrible and wonderful. For all this had happened before and it’d all happen again. A boy had wanted to experiment, in secret of course, with the sort of girl that you looked at, lusted after, longed for and found in most ways perplexing. She had obliged of course for she too wanted to experience what there was the experience because she knew no matter who it was he’d be able to teach her something new about love and lust and life in general. But unfortunately the first time it’d all gone wrong when his secret experimentation wasn’t so secret anymore and she for the most part had found it quite amusing and had tried to play it off by writing about it, which unfortunately seemed to have quite the opposite affect.

They arranged a place to meet. Not sure of what’d happen. They met.

She sat on a piano stool beside her easel; painting. Dressed in an odd floaty white shirt which seemed to have some resemblance of a duelling blouse, though there was no duel with her raven hair flowing to her waist behind her. He couldn’t help but think she was hopelessly beautiful. Because she was. He adored the way her eyes flitted across the canvas as she worked and how they seemed to sparkle as her brush applied the paint with the delicate shine of the sea as it’s hit by the sun. She turned quickly to see him, so her hair spun and hid behind her shoulder. “I didn’t hear you come in” she said quietly laying down her brush “sorry... I didn’t mean to scare you... the door was open...” “That’s quite alright” she stood up “I lost track of time, I planed to get changed for you” he looked down at her blouse “I know” she smiled “you’re wondering where my rapier is, aren’t you?” She laughed musically which seemed to be oddly in tune with the spring rain falling onto the roof outside “No, no... you look lovely... not that you don’t always look lovely... I mean...” he seemed to stuttered as he finished his sentence and she laughed again “would I be right in thinking you’re rather embarrassed about being here?” She said softly to which he began to nod then thought better of it “It’s just... my girlfriend...” he whispered as if plotting to blow up parliament. She cut him off “You have this feeling in your mind that you’re a good person don’t you?” She questioned. He was unsure of how to respond to this. “You’re this great noble gentleman aren’t you?” She grinned and giggled softly “also” her face fell “thank you for saying I look lovely.” “It’s true” he smiled. His smile reminded her of the musical expression improvisio in some odd way. Completely unplanned and natural yet hopelessly beautiful.

They stared at each other almost blankly for a few long moments. This was broken by his swift kiss to her sweet ruby lips. And it was heaven. As they broke away she spoke her head slightly and whispered in a matter of fact sort of way “Look, I’m going to have to take this shirt off... I doesn’t help me with the whole romantic mood of me right now” and without another world she pulled her blouse over her head and allowed it to flutter to the carpet. He was shocked. Her breasts looked so firm. He couldn’t control himself. He kissed her deeply and worked his way down. “What about your Girlfriend?” She giggled “don’t even…” he said in an oddly threatening tone.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
19 May, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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