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George's Ashes

George's Ashes

By John Sanders

     Donna Lee arrived back in Richfield, Ohio, seated in a restaurant, waiting for her daughter-n-law, Nora. She thought, this is a fine day for Darcy Haag to be pretentious, to show her face. The gall ... you would think she'd show more class--but there she is, no remorse after the sudden ... hm ... she's headed my way. I'll not invite her to sit. Should be home in mourning--after all, cousin George, was murdered. Wonder what she did with his...?
     Appeared composed, Ms Haag walked to Donna's table, and squinted down her thin nose. "Hello Donna."
     "Oh hi Darcy. I'm so sorry. We'll all miss George."
     "Yes. I missed you at the service."
     "Out of town to visit friends. Just today, I read about the murder...."
     "I had him cremated, you know."
     "No, I must say, you are holding up--quite well."
     "I hope they find his killer."
     "George being a free spirit, what do you plan to do with him?
     Still standing, tapped her fingers along the side of her legs. "In terms of...?"
     "His ashes."
     "Oh. Of course. Where he belongs...."
     "Where he belongs?"
     "I returned from the city dump."
     "How common--no, how cruel of you, Darcy." Took hold of her coffee cup.
     "Don't act so superior...."
     "For you to desecrate his ashes. Gave you everything ... a beautiful home, travel--necklace you're wearing."
     "Yes, I haven't done too badly...."
     Ignored Darcy's self-indulgence. "Cindy will miss George."
     "I'll grant him, the doting Father...."
     "How old is Cindy?"
     "Twenty-five. Assumed you knew her age... Why here comes Nora. And your coffee is getting cold, Donna.
     'My coffee and you have much in common."
     "Hi Donna. Hi Darcy. The youthful, Nora joined them.
     "Hello," Darcy said.
     Donna acknowledged with a smile.
     Nora took a seat next to her Mother-n-law. "Darcy, I'm sorry of your tragic loss."
     "May I ask what he died of?"
     "Someone slit George's throat, and pushed him off our second-story balcony. Broke his neck."
     "I did not realize...."
     Donna set down her cup."Who found him?"
     "My--I mean an employee, Diana Ackley, from George's Company. She discovered George around nine in the evening." Darcy turned to a hostess near an open table.
     Donna said, "Unfortunate for George, Diana visited late," which defined nothing of what she thought....

Author Notes: Sole property of John Sanders: All rights reserved

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About The Author
John Sanders
About This Story
29 Dec, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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