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Getting In The Car With Strangers

Getting In The Car With Strangers

By six0202 - 1 Review

He sped up to about 75 mph. on the long, narrow, desolate back-road. Not one shine of starlight flickered in the black night sky. “I think it’s going to rain”, I quietly said. He glanced at me but did not dare break the heavy blanket of silence. I was lost for words really. I was breaking all the laws that I had grown up serving. You know, “don’t talk to strangers” , “Don’t get in a strangers car” . Yes, I was riding in the car with a boy I barely knew but in a way I felt like I knew everything about him. The kids at school told me to stay away but here I was going against everything I had ever been told all because of a feeling. My parents weren't going to be happy. 
I noticed his meter climbing to 89 mph. “You like to go fast?”, I asked trying desperately to break the awkwardness. “Yeah”, he whispered as if he were telling me a secret. 
I sighed loudly. 
“Do you not like going fast? I can slow down”, he said louder. 
“Oh no, I love to go fast!”, I reassured him, “But...well...I guess it’s just hard for me to talk to people like you”
“People like me?”, he asked nervously.
“Yeah. I mean I read about people like you all the time but I guess it’s just find the right words in reality”
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “You read about people like me?”
“Yeah! Yeah! The dark mysterious guy that just picks up that girl at night for no reason. Always wears black, is quiet and calm.”
“I… I don’t always wear black and I had a reason to pick you up”
“What was the reason?”
“Well, I...I just, well, feel protective over you”
“Yes!”, my quick and loud answer made him jump, “That is exactly something Edward Cullen would say”
“Edward Cullen? Who’s that?”
“The guy from twilight?”
After a pause he finally responded, “Oooh…, that guy”, he said with the first smirk I've seen from him. It was more of a devilish grin and I couldn't help but love it. 
“The guy that all the girls go crazy for? The…. Uh…. obviously handsome, tall, smart guy with the great smile?”
I laughed and then said, “Edward Cullen wouldn't have said that”
“Well I’m not Edward Cullen”, We both laughed. “Well”, his voice lowered and became quiet again, “I never read about girls like you”
“I see girls like you all the time though, the crazed fan-girl type?”
“Well then sir, if you think that then you have me all wrong”, I smiled at him as his eyes scammed mine, “You might want to keep your eyes on the road instead of on me”.
His face reddened as he turned back towards the road. “Besides I never really got into the whole Twilight thing. I've always been much more into Star Trek”
He smiled and ran his fingers through his shaggy black hair. I couldn't ignore how handsome he was and I definitely couldn't imagine why everyone at school said such bad things about him. Suddenly the air around him seem to get tense. Seriousness clouded his face and he nervously began, “Thank you”
“For what?”
“For… well, I guess trusting me? I mean a lot of the kids at school think I’m some criminal on drugs all the time. They influence people to think that I shouldn't be trusted at all. I mean I don’t need friends but… just… thank you”, he seemed uncomfortable. 
“Tell me though, why should I trust you?”
He seemed shocked, “Um… I mean it’s true that I don’t have such a great background and I wasn't a good kid but I've changed. Just because I use to be bad doesn't mean that I am now”
“Well… that’s good enough for me”, I said. 
A smile faintly glowed on his face. We pulled up to a nice large house. I didn't necessarily like living in the woods, I was so much use to the city. The house was nice though.
“Wow”, he said breathlessly surprised.
“What?”, I laughed.
“N...Nothing. I mean you have a nice house”
“Thank you. I like it that house but I really prefer the city”
“Oh”, amazement still gleamed in his eyes. 
“Thank you for taking me home”, I headed towards the door but turned around once more, “I was wrong about you”
“...Most are”

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2 Jun, 2015
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3 mins
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