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Ghetto werewolf in London

Ghetto werewolf in London

By digitalman78

In the borough of Queens, NYC, USA, was one young black man named Rakeem. He was going to study social studies in England, the first in his family to finish high school and go to university abroad. So he said goodbye and peace to his parents and friends in the US, board a plane to London, hoping to meet new ones abroad. As the plane touched down in London at Heath row, went to get his luggage from baggage claim, hail a cab to the train station to go Oxford U.

But Rakeem had one dark secret which he discover soon. One day at the university dorm, Rakeem had begun make friends with Paul, Ron, Rebecca from the States and an attractive Priya A. Patel from UK of Indian decent. After studying all night on their studies around 9pm, on a full moon, all were having fun in more ways than one. As Rakeem started to stare at the full moon, he started to change physically, but he had to leave the room quickly, without them knowing what's going on. But it was too late.

He started to transform into the werewolf with razor sharp claws that slice through walls like butter. "Stay away from me, all of you" he said" I don't want to hurt y'all". And he jumped out the window, running to the main road, motorway(highway) to London. Rakeem was howling in this werewolf state with his glowing bright amber eyes that can light a dark street. He covered himself in a dark jacket with hood so people won't see his face.

"Holy shit, that bloke in his werewolf monster state, will cause damage" Priya said. "They will try hunt him down and experiment on him" Paul said. "Dude, we won't let it happen" Ron said. "Like, we have to get to him before the authorities and wrong hands, K?" Rebecca said. So all headed to London to get him before he attracts unwanted attention.
As Rakeem traveled towards to city of London, he sniffed for food like at a local butcher shop, wanted a beefsteak, pay the butcher money. When approached the exit, the fan blew off his hood and revealed his face. "What the bloody hell is this?!" the butcher yelled.

The butcher went to get his gun and pointed at him. "Drop it, I-I say" nervously. With one razor claw swipe, the gun was split in half and the butcher slashed to death,Rakeem disappeared into the night. He had to hide, so he went towards to the London Underground Paddington Station and has approached the ticket booth, people started screaming and run for their lives.

This was the unwanted attraction he didn't want to attract, so he escaped into train and rode it. Meanwhile his friends were looking for him before authorities do. But they were too late, they caught him and brought to lab for experimentation. Will his friends save him in time, or will the cause of his werewolf curse be explained and dealt with so he won't kill and terrorize innocent civilians? One mysterious old lady will have to answer to this.

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About This Story
8 Oct, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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