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Ghost Girl (Part 1)
Ghost Girl (Part 1)

Ghost Girl (Part 1)

auroraharrisonAurora Harrison
3 Reviews

“This house seems kind of creepy” thought Alexa as she moved into her new bedroom. Alexa’s parents have been fighting a lot latley. She and her mother, Lily, had moved into the house after Lily’s divorce with Alexa’s father.

“Mom, this house seems very.. off...” Alexa said with a hint of fear in her voice.

”Don’t be silly honey, it’s just a house!” Called her mother from the kitchen.

”Alright.” Alexa sighed and headed up to her room. She went into the bathroom to explore. There was a doll in the shower, and a weird liquid coming out of the medicine cabinet. “That’s very odd..” thought Alexa as she rummaged around in the bathroom. But she let everything be. She decided to text her best friend, Anna.

Alexa: just moved into the house. It’s really creepy and odd

Anna: odd? What do u mean by odd?

Alexa: well, there’s a doll in the shower, and some word looking liquid dripping from the medicine cabinet

Anna: oh. That’s very weird

Alexa: ya

Anna: ohh gotta go! Moms calling for dinner. Call u later?

Alexa: sure! Bye!

Anna: bye!

Alexa puts down her phone and goes downstairs

”mom? What’s for dinner?” She asked politley

“whatever is in the fridge. I have to go into town for a job meeting and you’ll be home alone tonight. Ok sweetie?” Her mother said hurrying

Alexa sighed. She hated when her mother had to leave. “Ok mom. I’ll be fine.” She said with a fake grin.

”ok honey. See you later! Bye!”

Alexa waved goodbye as the door shut. Immediately after that, she heard a faint whispering that said:

”Ghost Girl.... Ghost Girl...doesn’t like you....”

Alexa suddenly got really scared and tried to pick up the home phone. It was stuck to the base. She ran upstairs to get her phone, but it wasn’t on her bed where she left it.

Where could it be?” Alexa wondered.

She was frantic. She assured herself that it was just her imagination and went downstairs for something to eat. A while later, she heard the home phone ringing. She tried to pick it up and it magically, somehow, wasn’t stuck anymore.

”so odd...” Alexa said inside her head.

she picked up the phone.

Alexa: Hello?

Unknown: is this Alexa Wilner?

Alexa: Y-yes this is she...

Unknown: Ghost Girl.... Ghist Girl.... doesn’t like you.....

Alexa immediately hung up the phone and ran up to her room. She frantically looked everywhere for her phone. Then, she looked under her bed. There it was. Lying there on the floor. But something else was there. Alexa’s face went pale, hands like ice, and screamed at the top of her lungs. For there was a dead corpse under the bed with a note attached:

Alexa Wilner: Ghost Girl is coming for you.....

Author Notes: Hey there! Thanks for reading my story! Hope you liked it and there will also be a part 2! Stay tuned!

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Aurora Harrison
About This Story
10 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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