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Ghost Girl (Part 2)
Ghost Girl (Part 2)

Ghost Girl (Part 2)

auroraharrisonAurora Harrison
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For under her bed, lie a corpse, with a note attached just for her

Alexa Wilner, Ghost Girl Is coming for you...

Alexa screamed and grabbed her phone. She cried tears of horror and fear.

”I knew there was something up with this house!” She thought aloud.

Alexa dialed her mom quickly.


”honey, I’m in a meeting! What is it??” Her mother sounded very annoyed.

”I JUST FOUND A CORPSE UNDER MY BED WITH MY NAME ON IT!” She yelled into the phone with tremendous fear in her hoarse voice.

”honey, don’t be silly now, your’re probably hallucinating!”

”mom, I’m not!” She screamed.

The phone line immediately cut off and a voice came through:

Alexaaaa...... you might want to run tonight.....

Alexa screamed and ran with nowhere to go, out of the house. She stopped and said:

“I live in The middle of nowhere! I have nowhere to go!” She yelled at herself.

Suddenly, a shadow came through the distance. She found herself staring, wondering what the human like shadow was. As she grew closer, she realized that it was a ghost. That must be Ghost Girl! She couldn’t belive it. But she was filled with horror at the same time.

Alexa didn’t know what to do, or what would happen next, and the shadow was coming closer....

Author Notes: Hey guys! Part three is coming out soon! We will find out what happens to Alexa and Ghost Girl! Chow for now!

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About The Author
Aurora Harrison
About This Story
11 Apr, 2019
Read Time
1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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