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Ghost Girl (Part 3)
Ghost Girl (Part 3)

Ghost Girl (Part 3)

auroraharrisonAurora Harrison
2 Reviews

Alexa’s heart pounded in her chest. She didn’t know what to do. The shadow was coming closer, but now, instead of a shadow in was more like it had a body! Alexa spotted truck coming by and yelled


The driver looked confused but he pulled over anyway.

”What is it, kid?” He talked with a very low voice, as if someone were near them, to hear.

”i need to ride in your truck, where are you going?” She sounded desperate.

“I’m going to Phoenix, Arizona” the truck guy said.

”can I ride with you??” She asked with tension in her voice

”Um, sure.” He said, like he was unsure.

Alexa and the truck driver rode for seven minutes until they heard a strange bang in the back. Alexa looked over her shoulder only to find that Ghost Girl had punctured a hole back of the truck, and was creepily climbing into the back.

Alexa screamed.

”What is it, kid??” He said, very annoyed that a child had been screaming while he was driving.

“G-G-Ghost Girl, she’s after me... AND SHES IN THE TRUCK!” Alexa yelled.

”what? Who’s Ghost Girl? I’m so confused..” she said.

He checked the rear view mirror and screamed in horror. They rode very fast and could hear the whispering,

”Ghost Girl, is coming for Alexaaaaa....”

Author Notes: Hey! Comment what you think will happen next to Alexa and the truck driver! Will they do something about Ghost Girl? Call the authorities? What’s going to happen? Also, I kinda need some unspoken for part four so please do comment and write a review!!

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Aurora Harrison
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17 Apr, 2019
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1 min
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