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Ghost Story
Ghost Story

Ghost Story

dumperSJD ❤
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There was a dark lane. There were no lights at the end of the lane where a 100 year old house stood. On a stormy day 20 years ago a 15 year old girl had blood poisoning from a paper cut. After the girl died her parents left without a word because they were devastated and packed their belongings and not her stuff.

Some years later a new family moved into the worn out, rusty old house and the family who moved in were Lilly Mchenry who is 16 and Nathan mchenry who is13. Lilly popped her headphones on and started singing 1D as loud as she could. Nathan set up his drum kit and quickly gave bash. After setting up all his stuff. Nathan started to look around again he’d noticed something, a black hatch above the stairs.

Not being able to reach, he climbed up the rail and pulled at the cord. The hatch fell open. Down tumbled a rope ladder. Nathan gave it a tug and it seemed to be strong. He saw a dusty dark corner with a writing desk, a box of old toys with dolls, teddy and a spinning top. Suddenly he saw a movement by the desk and he spun around as the quill dropped to the floor. Nathan froze then he realised nothing was there. He saw a window covered in a large thin red curtain, he pulled them open and as the light filled the room he saw the words ‘I’M HERE’. He quickly climbed down the ladder and ran down the stairs and shouted ‘MUMMM!’ and his mum shouted back, ‘yes, what do you want?’ Nathan shouted back, ‘did someone live here twenty years ago?’ Miss Mchenry said ‘yes a girl that was fifteen. ’Nathan said “thank you” Nathan went back up the ladder.

He wrote on the window. What is your name? she wrote” my name is sadness. What is your name? he jumped out of his skin. He went down the ladder. In to his bedroom and it look this It so messy. His mum told him to tide his bedroom. But he doesn’t listen. Sadness was upset that everyone is scared of her. But she horrible.

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3 Feb, 2020
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1 min
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