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Girl in the Water
Girl in the Water

Girl in the Water


Hi, I am Lacey. I love to swim and compete. I am on the swim team and not to brag but I am the best one there. I have helped carry my team on good and bad days when they did or didn't want to swim I helped support them all the way. I always try to be couraging for my team. I have a hard time with people at school but I always try to stay positive. If I'm really down my team always cheers me up. One day I was swimming for a tournament down at Orange Beach Alabama. I had to swim pretty far it was from a post out in the deep depths of the water all the way back to shore. There were four other teams up to do this race. We head to the doc they had out there and when we get there we all get in our positions for the race.
"BAM!" goes the gun. I dive into the water and I'm first right now. I swim as fast and hard as I can I want to make my family proud. I was scared for what could be in this water but I also kept going no matter how afraid I was then all of a sudden I hear the other teams scream "SWIM!!" I start to swim faster but all the other girls are already ahead of me now. I didn't look behind me because I didn't want to know what was going on so I just kept swimming when all of the sudden a huge heard of dolphins surrounded me and the other swimmers some even protected the doc that all of the other swimmers and camera people were on.
I see something big swim underneath me, I realized just then what it was. I tried so hard to not freak out, it was really big. I see it try to circle around one of the other swimmers who had the least dolphins surrounding her. I thought the idea was stupid at first until I actually tried it but I told the dolphins to go surround that swimmer. They rushed to the swimmer but one dolphin stayed with me and let me hold onto its dorsal fin so he/she could swim me closer to the other swimmers. The dolphins get all of us four in the water together so all of the dolphins could surround us together as we continue our way to shore. Quickly we made it to shore and the dolphins headed for the people at the doc. The people on the doc got into a boat and the dolphins stayed around the boat the whole time they were headed for shore. everyone made it back safely thanks to the dolphins. We said our goodbyes to the dolphins and we left Alabama and everyone went home.

Author Notes: I wrote this story because of how much I like dolphins. I can't wait to write more

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About This Story
10 May, 2019
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2 mins
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