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A girl with a dream

A girl with a dream

By Jenn_cupcake

Their was once a girl she was happy she had 2 big brothers a mom and a dad she got everything she wanted one day her parents decided to move to a safer city so she moved to texas.she was new and she dident know anybody she was fat and had big cheeks the girls called her chipmunk and fatsoo but she was afraid to tell her parents cuz if she did she was afraid she had to move again.

one day her dad,the one person she thout was the most importint person to her was aressted for a murder he never did.she was devistaded !!!!!!!!! but yet she alwyas smiled.she moved three times to different towns she came back 3 years her mom works 5 days a week .she hasent seen her dad in 4 yeard she cumunicats with him throu letters.but she wanted to see him.she got skinnyer she made freinds but every day she hids something ,her sadness.

shes not that populor but shes not a complet loser she likes to sing dance and wen she can think of how her life would be if her dad was still here with them she prays to got he gets out but it never works!!!!!!

that girl is sad
that girl is angry
that girl is lonly
that me

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6 Apr, 2011
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1 min
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