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Girl With Experience
Girl With Experience

Girl With Experience

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You never know when life twists and what present you will get from your time, life, situation. Before a fifteen year old girl could understand this truth, she faced the harsh reality about life.

She was happy with her family, her father, mother and little brother. They were perfect for each other in every aspect but as the truth we know, " happy moments are meant only to be remembered". One day suddenly her father came home with his second wife. Everyone was shocked, there were sounds of crying, begging and then everything was covered with silence. Her mother started quirling with her husband, both kids were crying and yelling to stop all this drama. But no one heard, her father took his second wife with him in his room and her mother was left all alone there to cry. She fell on her knees and cried loudly and whole time said, "I love you, don't leave me." The kids saw everything how a second woman took everything that once belonged to their mother but couldn't do anything. They saw their mother acting weird, crying and even attempting suicide. Then her mother was forced to leave the house that she built with care and love. The kids were not able to go with their mother and everyone called them coward for not taking their mothers' side. Four years passed and both kids were missing their mother and keeping every pain in the bottom of their hearts while her father was being busy with his second wife. The girl was now 18 years old and decided to go to her mother whom she has not seen for years and barely talked that too only allowed infront of her father's second wife. She didn't thought of any other thing and just ran away to her mother. She moved with her mother to a different city and again learned to smile with all of her heart and started to live life.She experienced pain,sorrow, tears, being fake, relations and much. Now she is doing a job and studies, living with her mother all happily and being raised well.

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1 Feb, 2021
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1 min
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