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A Girl's Eternal Love
A Girl's Eternal Love

A Girl's Eternal Love


Love is something that everyone wants to feel it, have it and experience it. It was so lucky of me to have a lover who would love me so much than anything in this world. But bad luck had to hit me soon which left me in the darkness for 10 long years. It happened long back when my lover had met with an accident. I immediately rushed to the hospital to see what his condition was. Doctors said that he was steadily recovering, but with a pause, the doctor said: “BUT….”. I didn’t care about all the buts, I just went inside to talk to him. I asked him anxiously “How are you feeling now?”. He replied, “Who are you “.

That moment had sunk my heart to zero.I felt my heart shrinking until I couldn’t feel my heart beating, it was painful than my thumb being crushed under a truck. I said in a painful voice “ It’s me your lover “. Then again that dreadful question “Who are you “ came out of his mouth. Then I left the place without uttering a word. I went home crying like I have never cried before. I started seeing death and despair before me.I felt like losing a part of myself. Then one day it occurred to me “Why am I giving up.He is still alive, right?. My love for him didn’t end there.I didn’t give up I kept on loving him no matter what. I visited him every day.I showed my love towards him every day. Sometimes he would ask me “Why are you crying”. I replied by saying “ It is because of my love towards you.Even though he couldn’t remember the past I was happy that I made a lovely future him.So the question for you is “What made her love him so much?” “ Why couldn’t she choose another guy?”

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20 Jan, 2018
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1 min
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