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Glass Castles
Glass Castles

Glass Castles


A castle made of glass
Ruled in splendid isolation by a fearful ruler
Who built these translucent walls to keep some distance
Yet will allow the pretense you can see the truth

You just don't understand it
I mean why would anyone erect glass walls?
They're kinda frail and brittle
Really just a temporary shield
Well ask all you want,
the king there won't hear you
Closed windows remember?

Frankly you can't be blamed
Your lack of understanding ought to be expected
especially if that ruler is speaking in deceit and half truths
Brief lies to keep you off kilter with enough truth to dispel your suspicion
Then what right does that king have to ask for help?
Let him be crushed under the weight of all his glass.
Seriously all it takes is a single crack
Let it extrapolate and take over his kingdom
Surely it will shatter eventually

Yet he cries for help every night
Silently in jokes and banter
Searching for a little warmth
Just too scared to ask outright

A castle of glass
A kingdom of fractured dreams
A king scared of himself ruling it all
Hiding behind these glass walls
Suffering cold and alone
All his fault
All a result of the choices that king has made
He may never outright plead for what he needs
But at the very least that king has the dignity to be there for others
Really just driven by selfish desires but at least they don't see it

One day that glass will shatter
The shards will become a part of his fractured dreams
And he'll lay there bleeding and wondering where to next
Perhaps then that foolish king will open up again

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18 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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