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Glimmers Ch1

Glimmers Ch1

By resie

A Man's Only Dream.

"Peter, make sure you stay on my ass, it's right behind us!"

"Yes, sir." Peter says abiding orders.

Two men gallop through a wooded forest area being chase by a silhouette. The figure growling and chasing after them jumping from tree to tree inching towards Peter steed. Its claws digs into the tree bark leaving hands marks in it the size of a crater. It's has a mountain of black fur that engulfs its whole body. Only thing visable on the creature is the iris of its eyes which is white and its hollow black eyes follow by its tail. Which is perfect for the midnight sky.The two men continue to stomp their heels into their horses ribs brusing them with each kick. The men was with a company of others which was killed by the creature threating claws. The creature left not a single head attach to a human body. It only had two detachments left to go.

"Captain, at this rate it will catch us. If we split up mayb-"

"No, we did that before and look what happen to the company. Those things just want to kill and devour whatever what's in its path. It even slaughter the children got dammit" The Captain says clenching his teeth in anger.

"We'll continue on to the village and make it safely to the wall. Those things can't step on holy ground. I seen what happen to it if it does. Lets just say it won't be a pleasent site if decides to."

"Yes, Sir." Peter says believing in his captain words.

The Captain takes a brief look behind Peter.


Then Peter turns.

"Did it give up? But why would it stop like that? Those things are usually rentless when it comes to their prey.' Peter says.

"I know it's unfamiler that it would suddenly stop like that." The Captains replys back.

"Maybe since we're not that far from the wall it back off." Peter says guessing.

"No, it would'nt back off until we've made it into the wall. Something made it stop."

"Maybe it wa-"

Out of no where lengthy claw cuts through the darkness of the woody forest and slices Peter horse legs off. Peter falls to ground as his legless horse body falls on top of him. He struggle to get the half the horse body off of him. He pushes and shoves it to the side. He grabs his sword from his sheate and shaves the horse more to free himself. He frees himself, but not before seeing the the creature claws regroup into its fingers as it feet steps into Peter view.

"Dam it. Captain! Help me!" Peter says yelling for his Captain aid. He looks behind him and the Captain horse is gone into the shadowy night sky.

"That bastard left me to die here like this." Peter says in fear and regret.

The creature closes in on Peter. It lengthing its claws and stand before Peter who's only around six feet tall. While the creature is pushing eight feet or more in length. Peter looks up to its massive size, yet does not tremble at his foe. This is why he joined the Peace Hunters. To rid the earth of this evilness.

"Ok, if your going to kill me I'm not going down without a fight." Peter says aiming his sword at the creature.

The creature swings its right arm at Peter neck. Extending its claws on the way. Peter ducks and slices the creature claws right from its finger tips. The sharp claws fall to the ground shaking till they finally stop. The creature jumps back in disbelief at a mere human who was able to slice its steel claws off with one swing of his sword. The creature jumps to a tree and digs its claws into it once more.

"Oh, running away from me now are you?. We just getting started, Demon." Peter say with confidence in his swordsmenship.

The creature look at Peter and gives him a sinsteir looking smile with its frightening ice sickle teeth which devour the company he and his coward Captain were guiding to the wall. The creature claws from the ground begin to breathe life again as they come up and stings Peter through his legs.

"Ahhh!" Peter screams in agonizing pain as he fall to the ground. What the hell? Those claws from eariler are still able to move. This creature knew it so that's why it jump to the tree to avoid getting hit. And it hit me in my vital points of my leg too. I'll bleed out if I continue to fight it." Peter thinks to himself.

The creature jumps down from the tree and look at a bleeding Peter. The creature closes in on Peter as continue to inch towards him while he slides his self across dirt and grass. Peter turns and holds his sword outward at the creature chest. He won't die like this he thought as he take one more swing at the creature. The creature grabs the sword from Peter grasp and tosses it aside from his reach. The last thing Peter will see is that frightening grin from this demon. The demon lifts Peter up by his legs and hold him upside down. Peter neck is within reach of the demon's sharp teeth.

"So, this is how it ends huh God? Peter asks the man in his heart.

A winged spear charging at the demon's face just barely misses it as he dodges it dropping Peter in the process. The demon looks in the area of where the spear came from. It begins to growl and snarl at something in the mignight distance. A faded Peter who's losing blood fast look down same path as the demon. He see a figure with eyes that gleam in the moonlight.

"Green." Peter says as he loses conscious.

Author Notes: Sorry about any grammar mistakes. Glimmers is Copyrighted by Resie of Shortstories101. Please vote.

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About This Story
28 Nov, 2013
Read Time
5 mins
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