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Glowing Dog
Glowing Dog

Glowing Dog


As I walked in the door when I got home from school, I noticed that my dog was glowing. Again.

I shook my head and gave an exasperated sigh as I picked up the small animal. "Coda, this is the fifth time this week! When are you going to learn that you just can't eat anything you come across! Especially glow sticks."

The dog whimpered, sensing my frustration. Although deep down somewhere I did indeed pity the poor animal, that pity only goes so far when the same situation happens multiple times. Having a dog with a stomach that accounted for more than half his body mass was sometimes more trouble than it was worth. Besides the constant visits to the vet that drained my wallet dry, I had to deal with Coda's gigantic "puppy eyes" that followed me around whenever I tried to eat any morsel of food.

I plodded across my bare house and gently set my dog on the cushion reserved for these situations. I unzipped my purse and dug around through the crumbled paper scraps, pens, and gum wrappers until I found what I was searching for. After removing the plastic case and taking off the cap, I stuck the small syringe into Coda's skin. The vet I frequent gave me a package of medicine that worked to quickly decompose objects that happened to find themselves in my dog's stomach, and another package, which was of laxatives. Thank God for those.

By now Coda knew the routine, but it didn't stop him from whining his lungs out. I took a moment to laugh to myself at his misfortune: the small toy poodle that once had curly black fur was now glowing an unusual shade of yellow. Upon seeing this oddity, I thought back to the first time I discovered my dog in this state. I was dead certain that my dog had chemical poisoning after he ate a handful of tide pods and starting throwing up an assortment of colors. The veterinarian I sped fifteen mph over the limit towards tried to reassure me that everything would be just fine. Despite this, my doubt grew as the hours dragged on into the night. It wasn't until three o'clock in the morning that I finally received my tired companion.

I looked down at my glowing puff ball of a dog and smiled.

Although Coda had more than a few problems, I still loved him to death- which might not be that far away for him.

Author Notes: Thank you for taking time to read my story! I appreciate it.

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7 Oct, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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