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God Called Me

God Called Me

By Aoyang

Thirteen years had passed. Thirteen lonely and hopeless years had passed. Verdana is an only child but she gains no attention from her parents. Her parents are both too busy with their jobs and businesses. She had been a loner. No friends, no family, and lived only with money. She would cry every night and blame God for everything. She blamed God most for giving her the life she regrets she had--a lonely and pale life. One day, she met a friend named Louisa. She is a half American and half Filipino classmate of Verdana. Louisa would always find Verdana evry morning sitting in the dark side of the room, staring through the selfish women in front of her doing their make-up and too busy to make friends with her. Verdana never beleived that God helps. She never beleived that God loves us. Louisa is her complete opposite fir she is a choir in the school chapel ehre their is a mass every morning and she beleives in God so much. Louisa stepped in front of her one day, held her hand and pulled her to the chapel. "What are you doing Louisa?! Are you gonna bring me inside that chapel which seems to be like hell?" Verdana asked wildly. "This is not hell. This is where you should be. This is where you will change your life. This is where all of us should be. In the house of God. I promise you that He'll never leave you. He will never abandon you. He'll be your friend." Louisa said patiently. They pulled each other non-stop until Louisa won and she was able to bring her inside the chapel. Verdana was so amazed by this kingdom where evrybody was silent, praying the wonderful songs of God. She felt the relief and accompaniment she had never felt before. She felt so noy alone.The best feeling she could ever feel. She saw Louisa singing with the choir and she also tried to sing with them. Though she was not able to sing the song completely for she had been in a mass for only the third time, she tried her best to sing and she felt the full happiness she never felt before. She focused on the crucifixion and saw Jesus' eyes staring on her and after some time, she found hers staring back. "Let Him enter yout heart my friend. Let God be your father, Mary your mother, and Jesus Christ your brother and best friend." Louisa whispered in her ear. She focused one more time and felt the pure relief--the happiness of being accompanied and having a friend for the first time. A friend who will never leave her--Jesus Christ. After the mass, they went upside the chapel with tears falling down Verdana's cheeks. "Thankyou Louisa for bringing me in God's house. For the frst time I felt how it is to be loved. I felt how it is to trust and be faithful and have hope. I think.....i think God called me..." Verdana said. those three words changed her life: GOD CALLED ME were the words that made her feel so not alone and so loved. from then on, everything chaged. Her trust on God truly appeared like a flowering blossom. She joined the choir and attended school and sunday masses. "Everything was perfect with God. Thank you louisa. Thank you for bringing me in your religious worls which gave my spirit hope and faith." she told Louisa. Louisa was speechless. Because of this, They became bestfriends. Verdana called Louisa's parents mom and dad. They called Jesus brother and God their Father. The chapel was their second home. A home where they meet with their spiritual family--Mary, God and Jesus Christ-- who they let to enter their hearts to change their life.

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13 Jan, 2012
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3 mins
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