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God Is Real
God Is Real

God Is Real

CrypticDoyinsolaCryptic Doyinsola
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"Somebody help me!, Somebody help me!!" was the scream of Anthony in a pit alone in the wilderness
He was tired of shouting for help because no one came to rescue him.
He lost hope and sat bowing his head and started praying to God to take him away before hunger strike him to death
He wanted a painless death, That was his last wish to God
After some hours, An heavy stone fell on his head
Immediately, he rose his head and saw a boy of his age
He stood up with great excitement
At least he will live again, his hope and faith was restored back
Then the other boy asked him, "What do you want me to do for you'
He replied, "Find a way to take me away from the pit"
But the other boy scorned and said, "I wish I could help you but there is nothing I can do for you because my hands are not long enough to reach out to you"
Then Anthony who can't see anything but sky wailed in anguish and pain and speak in French, "Dieu n'est pas réel" (translation: God is not real")

Anthony slept and never woke up from slumber in the pit
Twenty minutes after his death, a farmer saw him in the pit, he was scared and wanted to aid.
At the top side of pit they were ladders and ropes all along. Farmer used the ladders to bring him out but it was too late.
But Anthony who blamed God before he died forgot that he wished to God to give him a painless death that was the time I knew why the other boy didn't use the ladders and rope to help him.

Anthony wished wrong because he underestimated God

Author Notes: Thanks for reading

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Cryptic Doyinsola
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19 Dec, 2020
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