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God planned everything about my life before I was born
God planned everything about my life before I was born

God planned everything about my life before I was born

papin49Roberto Perez

when I was five years old, my mother used to tell me " I don't know how you reached this age baby, you were almost certain to die a couple of days after your birth" that was because I kept asking her - mom, why do I have a bunch of Godfathers and Godmothers? It's part of our religious culture in our country, every newborn baby must be baptized. That's under the catholic church rule. And It is supposed that every child only has one, for each one of them, but I have a bunch of them because of my healh situation I was facing at that moment.

She kept saying, " by that time, nobody thought that you would reach that age, so we decided to baptize you in the order you wouldn't die without that blessing.''

The catholic church parishioners think that a newborn is able to revive only by the baptism power, so since the time that I was baptized by them, I started moving, crying and I was giving signs of being hungry. According to my mom, I couldn't eat, drink or do any movement before that act of faith, since that, I started like everything had been right in my short life; I'm alive because of God's sake.

About the age of thirteen, I used to do those mischievousnesses which are only attractive for children in the country siide; one of them was to go jumping in those ponds formed in the rivers just in those months that the rain falls almost the whole month, which means that the ponds would be deeper than usual and clean. For instance, you could see fish, crabs, leaves, moving very deep in the bottom of It. And, the clear quality of the water always made us spend time watching and enjoying that scene.

As a consequenceo of watching that nice sight, I used to spend a whole day jumping in and out of the water, I never thought about what could happen to the human body when it gets different temperature changes; whenever I went out of the water, I went to a big stone where the sunlight was direct to my naked body; Picture this, when I was burning and red like a ripe tomato, then I jumped again into the water, at that same time , I started throwing up and I felt dizzi. I didn't know how I could reach my home that day because I couldn't know who or where I was. after that, I spent several months hospitalized before getting a thorough recovery, I got my discharge from the hospital. anyways, my mother and I thank our Lord God for saving my life for the second time.

God's purposes are a big mystery, don't try to explain It before you get the final clue. For instance, one day I was talking to a friend of mine, and he was considered a good neighbor, we decided going to visit an empty home, which was located near my friend's house. in Pinal Claro, DR.

Once we were there, we noticed that nobody was at home. The owner had passed away a couple of months ago. So, we went to that house to search for things the owner could have left behind, Imaging, we found an old and ripped but very interesting piece of the book; It was an English book... It meant everything about my health and my life because through this torn book, I started my love for this language; Our parent God led me to that abandoned house. And now, 45 years after that, I understand why... I was on the verge of dying three years ago, and only my ability to communicate in English, made possible the connection with doctors in this country to undergo the operation for Parkinson's disease... DBS.

In my family nobody had spoken or said anything about English; nobody had the faintest idea about a foreing language. Only God our savior directs his children where he knows they will be well, all you have to do to reach it , Is to follow God's direction. and let his will be in your life. But, don't get involved in fanaticism in the order you can understand how God's mysteries work...

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God. Philippians 4;6

Author Notes: All what I am or do just have a reason, that reason is our father God.

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Roberto Perez
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28 Feb, 2020
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