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Gold: A Memorial Story

Gold: A Memorial Story

By stonerockz19

Gold was a boy living in the 70's. He was always picked on and had no friends. To fill this sorrow, he made up imaginary creatures called Pokemon. His favorite was Unown, which was the Spell Pokemon. Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff were Pudding and Custard. One day, his parents went out. They told Gold to stay out of trouble. Sadly, trouble came to him.

A man came into Gold's house with a knife. The man threw the knife and it hit Gold. Gold died that night, but his ideas lived on. But instead of asking if they could have the ideas, Nintendo stole Gold's ideas when they thought everyone forgot about the death of Gold. The only thing left of Gold was his soul trapped in a game.

There was a game few had heard of, called Pokemon Lost Silver. Someone bought the game from Gamestop. When the person tried to play the game, the last person who played had 999:99 hours, 99999.9 cash, had all 251 Pokemon including legendaries, had a maxed out level, but was known simply as "...". "..." was later noticed as Gold (see Pokemon Lost Silver by Rukasu) after the words He Died were spelled out with Unown. This proves that the game was not hacked, but simply possessed by Gold. We should celebrate Gold's ideas, and miss him.

Author Notes: Everything in this is true information. All facts are based on minibiographies. See The Truth About Pokemon and Pokémon Lost Silver by Rukasu for more information about this topic. Please share this story on Facebook or give it five stars for Gold. My goal is to get 1,000,000 views so the whole world knows about Gold's sad story.

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11 Apr, 2013
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