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Golden Arm Part 1

Golden Arm Part 1

By PurpleDiggy

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rose who did the opposite of everything that she was told to do. So, one day when she was invited to her friends she did exactly what she was told not to. "I'm going to go get some cookies and milk."Rose's friend Jess announced before leaving she tossed over her shoulder "Don't go in my closet and take down any of my boxes. "What? Go in your closet I would never..."She scoffed however as soon as she left Rose ran to her closet and took down the boxes. Bam!! With a crash a bowling ball landed on her arm.."Aaah!!!"Rose screamed rolling the balling ball off. She was rushed to the hospital. Her dad Adam sat worriedly when the Doctor came outside. "I have Bad news... your daughter arm had to be amputated. We could give her a prosthetic limb but it'll cost a fortune."Adam hung his head before saying. "Give her an arm of gold.." *Some years later* Rose was walking down the street when a man who loved, loved, loved gold stopped her and shouted "Is that a golden arm?"Rose nodded and he dropped to one knee and asked. "Will you marry me?"Rose laughed and said. "I don't know you."But soon after they went on a couple dates and dated they were married but every night before Rose went to sleep. He'd grabbed her golden arm, stroke it, and sing"I love this golden arm, I love this golden arm, I love this golden arm."And the next night he did the same thing. And the nights that followed until one day Rose became gravelly ill. Whilst Rosewas laying on her deathbed she said. "Honey, when I die Promise me you'll bury me with my golden arm."Her husband looked taken aback before saying. "What?! Of course I'll bury you with your golden arm."Soon after Rose died and then her husband thought... "I can't live without it... I've Just got to get that golden arm..." To Be Continued...

Author Notes: True story although not in that way my teacher told this story to me and my classmates soooo...... all copyrights reserved to her....

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2 May, 2013
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1 min
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