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By golden - 3 Reviews

The tears soaked her shirt as she wrote the note.

"James you don't understand, everyone I've ever loved left me. My mom? Dead. My brothers? Dead. My father? Dead. Chance, the little boy that gave me a chance? Dead. Daniel Robertson, the man who swore he would never leave me? Well a day after he saved my life he took his own. So now I'm alone except for these voices in my head that won't shut up. They never shut up but I can't tell you that because you'll think I'm crazy and you'll leave. I don't want to be alone again, James. I need you but you're mad at me and I don't think I can fix it this time. So before you leave me I need to leave you because I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry James. I love you."

She folded the note with shaky hands as she slipped it into the envelope titled "James". She stuffed the note into her pocket as she tied the noose to the railing above the stairs. Then she kissed the lonely picture of her best friend, her fiancé, her lover, the man that had died in the same spot a year ago. She whispered "I love you and I'm so sorry it had to end this way.. I tried. I really did. Just like you told me to." She slipped the rope over her head, climbed over the rail, and stepped off the small ledge with a scream cut short.

Her last moments spent with a rope kissing her collarbone.

Author Notes: Sorry if it's bad this is my first time writing anything.

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12 Nov, 2016
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