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Good Boy? or Bad Boy? and a Beautiful girl.

Good Boy? or Bad Boy? and a Beautiful girl.

By magnaboy01

GB= Good Boy BG= Beautiful Girl BB= Bad Boy

GB: Hi there (:
BG: Hello ^_^
GB: How r u doing? (:
BG: Good ^_^
GB: I love you u know that right?
BG: Yes I know, but sorry if i dont feel the same.
GB: Its okay ^_^, Ill still love u no matter what..

The day has passed, BG saw GB with another girl flirting with her and stuff....BG asked, i thought u love me and never give up on me no matter what?, GB Well even if i love you that doesnt mean i cant find any girl out there too...BG walked away..

BB: Whats up?
BG: Nothing much homework..
BB: Ah true shit..
BG: yeah...
BB: The truth is i am inlove with u..
BG: Oh for real?.
BB: Yes for real and ill do anything to be with you..
BG: Sure u will..
BB: Trust me i stick in my words..
BG: Uhuh..
BB: Fine ill prove it to you...

Next day, BB came to BG's house all bad and shit, but then he brought cheap flowers, cuz he was poor, and he treated her like a princess even if he was not all that...

BG: Wow, why r u being all nice to me?
BB: Cuz ur the love of my life, i dont care how people look at me, and just me as long as Ill be ur the one, im gonna be a champion when i have you.
BG: Ah okay ^_^
BB: *got down in one knee saying* Will u be my girlfriend?
BG: *blushed* and said Yes...^_^

Next day GB saw BG and BB together holding hands....he said why are u with this loser?..and dont u hate his kinds? with him because he never gave up on me, even on his words...He did his best to get my heart, unlike you who acted all nice, and made me think that u were good, but the truth is your just one of those "good guy" they think thats worth it....*BG and BB walked away holding hands smiling and telling each other how much they love each other*

I got bored again made this wierd story...Cuz this exactly happen to my "friend"
So i got a question....Good Boy? or Bad Boy?....

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About This Story
3 Feb, 2011
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1 min
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