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good bye my love

good bye my love

By sweetmoon

My name is a mistery, a fake but real. I think i was 14 years old when my first loved made my heart beat so fast, i could hardly feel it. It was the first day of summer school and i could still hear her laughter, her long beautiful smile. I forgot if it was that momment in which i fall in love with her, yet i know i didn't.

Her name was the name of an angel, the perfect yet an unselfish girl. The perfect one that made the perfect wife. The first time i talk to her, she gave me one of her most sweet smiles and looks. While walking for a long time with her as we talk all night.

One day my heart stop beating, she had told me that she had a big crush on this perfect guy for her and ofcourse he liked her back, yet i could not do anything then smile and be happy. That day in gym class, she run out to me and put her arms around me, telling me not to let go of her. The guy she liked, had ask her out. In pain i hug her back and smile once againg, a fake smile. I hold back my tears and told her to say yes to him. Why would i do that? because i only wanted her happiness.Her eyes were shinning so bright that it broke my heart just to think that those eyes were shinning for him.

My nightmare came true one day i was walking to class. I saw her walking with her perfect yet stupid boyfriend. You could actually feel her joy of happiness all over the school. I slowly walk to the stairs and look back at her, Their lips touching each other. In that second of my life, everything had turn dark and a big pain hit my chest.

How can i tell her that i loved her? each day, my love grow bigger for her. But the pain was still their.

Then againg, i saw her sad. Her boyfriend was been to her and i could see her sadness in her eyes. The girl i met 3 years ago, was now sad. I wanted to cry and hug her so bad but she instead walk over to her friends. I was not one of them. I was just a person whose name she knew. STill, i cry.

Now its been a month since i have not seen her, but i promise my self to be perfect. To get the best grade, to become the most beautiful girl in the world because for her, i would do anything.

i love you my sweet angel and ill always will

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30 Sep, 2010
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2 mins
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