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Good Days and Bad Days
Good Days and Bad Days

Good Days and Bad Days

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Sometimes life can bring you down,

give you rain when you wish for sun.

When life is being a jerk always remember to find the sun in the rain,

find the light when engulfed by darkness.

There will always be a day when life gives you the sun,

when that day comes make sure you share the sun with those stuck in the rain,

those who haven't found their sun yet.

When you have another day of darkness keep in mind it's only a matter of time before your light comes,

it's only a matter of time before you get another chance to share your sun.

Yes, life might bring you down.

But it's important to remember to never give up,

never let the obstacles and dificulties you face get in your way.

It's called having hope,

hoping and knowing that that there will be a better day.

Having hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday,

never giving in to the hardships of life.

Never giving up.

Author Notes: Now read the words in bold from top to bottom.

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14 Mar, 2021
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