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By Jenkins

My name is Lottie and I am 24 and I am leaving this place for good. However, I don't know where I am going. But I am leaving.I am going to ride a boat, a boat named, well... I am not certain of which it is called. But it is known to be one of the best boats known to man! It is big and white and has the worlds biggest engine. I hope and pray thy is right.

"Hello my name is Ainsley what is yours?" Says a bleach blonde headed lady about my age. "Hello, my name is Lottie it is very nice to meet you. Where are you headed towards?" I ask politely. "I am just on here for my cousin she is getting married to some really rich man and I have to go to where she lives so. I have no idea where this boat heads my mother and father told me to ride this boat." she says with a smile on her face. "You not sad that you are leaving your parents?" I ask. "No, not really. My parents are very strict. They almost made me stay here." She says losing her smile, "I think they made me come so I could take reposibility 'cause they think I am irresponsible." she says tears in her eyes. "I'm sure they think you are responsible." I say trying to make her feel better. "Yeah, maybe you are right." she says gaining her sweet smile. "Well I have to go and unpack.Unless you want to share a room." I say hoping she will say yes. "I would love to!Let me go get my stuff. What floor are we on?" She asks. "We're on the first floor, second room to the right." I say excitedly. "goodbye,see you there." I say walking off.

It is day four of being on here and it is 11:40 and me and Ainsley are talking about what we do for a living. "Hey you know how I told you my cousin was marrying the rich guy and how she is n his very ship?" she asks me. "Yeah, what about it?" I ask her. "Well she called off the wedding. She is marrying some guy off the ship." she says. "What is his name and your aunts name? I heard something about someone calling off a divorse and the man she was engaged to found out the woman was cheating on him or something like that." I say hoping that doesn't bother her. "Her name is Sage and his is Darren and yes she did..." the boat starts shaking and we just sit there like we are ice cubes. The shaking stops and we start talking again but we are interrupted. "Put on these life jackets and get on the top deck now!" A man says looking worried. So we do as he says and the ship is flooding. We see Aisley's Aunt Sage and her boyfriend but we are quick to the boats.

It has been five hours and lots of people are dead. "Aisley are you okay?" I ask. No response she is dead."Is anyone alive out there?" A search man calls out. "I am." i say "Over here!" I try to shout but I am too weak. It is over and I am dead.

I wake up in a room full of people me and Sage are in here but noone else that I recognize.

"I would have rather died... I don't have a family...a life...a home..." I say bawling to Sage. "You can live with me and Darren."She says smiling. "Thank you but I can't." I say. "It will do us no harm." she says smiling. "Thank you."

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17 Sep, 2011
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3 mins
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