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I'm walking 
I'm walking towards somewhere 
Somewhere without an end
I'm crying
Why am I crying?
Nobody knows
Not even me 
I look back and I see them 
The familiar faces and the familiar smiles 
They're waving
Why are they waving?
They're crying too
But why?
I didn't stop
I just kept walking 
I knew I had to 
I had to leave
This isn't home
I look back again and I see my mom 
She's crying 
My sister is smiling but I saw the struggle behind her smile
My little brother is waving not knowing what is going on 
I wave to them and I give them a smile 
That was the last time I would ever see them 
But I just kept walking and before I knew it 
I was in the airplane 
Flying to an unfamiliar place 
I thought about my family
My friends 
Everyone who cared about me 
And I realized THIS IS HOME
Home is where family is 
Home is where I feel loved
But It was far too late to go back now 
I'm flying to the unknown 
Not knowing what to expect 
I should be crying 
But I don't feel a thing 
And I don't know how to say goodbye to the familiar 

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About This Story
10 Aug, 2015
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1 min
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