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By faithelise

It was November 4, 2005. There was a big storm coming and I was with my dads parents and my sister. My sister and I were sitting with my grandparents at there buisness one night and we were waiting for my dad to hurry up, and all of a sudden we see him in his truck driving like a maniac out of the place. So my sister and I just went back to our grandparents house and we stayed the night there. The storm was really bad that night and then the phone rang. It was our dad, he was calling to say sorry for leaving in such a hurry and to say goodbye. My sister was angry at him so she didnt even talk to him, and I always wanted to be like her so i didnt say goodbye either.
In the morning my mom woke me up that morning. I thought it was weird because my parents have been divorced for 3 years. She said she had some good news and bad news. I asked for the good news first which was no one else got hurt. Then the bad news was that my dad had been in a car crash, I asked if he was at the hospital but my mom said he had died that morning, November 5, 2005. The first thing I thought of was he was probably on his phone (he always talked on the phone while driving) and I was so mad. I cried all morning. I was only in fourth grade at that time and my sister was in sixth. But the weird thing was 2 years prior to that my sister and I were at Subway with him and just randomly he said he was going to die at the age of 40 (which he did die at the age 40).
To this day I still know every word my mom said to me that morning. I even remember everything I did, I ate some waffles at my grandparents house, went home, played on the computer, and went to bed. I also think about "what if I was in the car with him, what would I of done, would this of happened if I was there." I have a bulliton from his funeral, I just dont want to let go, I dont want to forget his face or anything. I have all the cards people sent me from his death. I just always look back and think what would of happened if I would of said 'Good bye."

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2 Jun, 2011
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