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Goofing Around

Goofing Around

By corycates

    “You better quit poking my fat before I rage.” Brent’s  words made me want to do it more. With a big smile I kept on poking. “But I have to make you laugh before I can stop.”
    The others sitting around our table sat watching as Brent stood up.  He grabbed my leg and lowered his head to also grab my crouch. He stood up raising me onto his shoulders where  I rested sideways
    “Torture Rack, Torture Rack.” Our friends cheered over and over again. Just as Brent and I  joined in with the chanting Ms. Wood stepped in, giving us  a piece of her mind. “You put him down right now. You here me?” Our heads drooped in shame as Brent sat me down. “Yes ma’am.”

    *(Now I’m not saying to do whatever you want in life but I am not also saying to not have fun. Just learn to take things in moderation the good and the bad but understand that everything comes with a consequence.*.)

     As she clapped her hands together our heads shot up to her face. “What are both your names?. Tell me now so you can get in trouble.” Ms. Wood pulled out a small pad of paper along with a pen tapping it on the paper awaiting our answers impatiently
    I straightened my posture  to be as stiff as a board. “My name is Cory and this is Brent.” Her pen scribbled away as the bell for first period rang through the cafeteria. Brent scooped up his bag, leaving before I even picked up my back pack. I remember as I headed off to art class I could faintly hear her. “The both of you will be sent for today, for your punishment.”
    Those words echoed in my mind all through art class. It was hard to pay attention not only to my teacher’s lecture but also hard to concentrate on drawing. All I thought was o my gosh I am in trouble and whatever it is I am going to die when moma finds out.  
    From what I was told by Brent he blew through P.E. like  a breeze without a worry. I on the other hand was sweating bullets with each pencil stroke. A familiar sound rang signaling the end of first period but all I heard was, “Your punishment is closer.”

    *(I do not know how others can do things all day long breaking a hundred rules I was so scared just for goofing around.*.)

    I had to walk all the way across campus to reach my computer class but that day the walk was twice as long. Maybe she forgot about us and we will be safe. Students walking by heard me talking to myself looking at me like I was crazy.
    There I met back up with Brent who shared second period with me every day. We took our seats at the back of the classroom. “So you think we are going to be in trouble?.”
    Brent shrugged to the answer with a smile. “We are if we are and we aren’t if we aren’t.   Just deal with it.” Another friend of ours leaned over joining in the conversation with an agreeing nod. “Yeah only time will tell so just go with it.”
    The teacher Mr. Frugia, with his pencil thin beard and bowl cut hair, entered the room carrying some paper that he placed on his desk. Firing up his computer for the day’s lesson he stood in front of the class adjusting his projector. That’s when my heart sank so deep it could have fallen  right through my foot. A student walked in and interrupted  Frugia by handing him a letter and leaving the room without ever speaking
    Mr. Frugia opened the letter. “Cory and Brent you are to report to the principle’s  office now. I do not know what the two of you did but go on.” Closing the paper back up he placed it on his deck. As he turned on the projector for the lesson Brent and I left the room while the rest of the room sat with wondering eyes .

    *(I could of not have been anymore scared at that moment. Brent being so calm about it made things worse.*.)
    We had to cross the campus to reach  the principle office. This time the walk was much faster even with someone to talk . but  Brent was silent the whole walk and all I ever did was wait for him to speak first so the both of us just walked side by side to the office. In the office we entered and sat down . “We are….we are here to see…the principal…we….we got called here.” It was as though there was something caught in my throat.
    “Oh, he is waiting for you,” his secretary said.   no  “No  need to sit.”  She pointed.   head  “Head  around this corner and through that  door and he will talk to you both.” We  nodded and followed her directions. Brent closed the door and we where greeted by  a deep voice. “Please, boys, take a seat, we need to talk about this morning.” The principal, Mr. Pack,  a large man in a blue suit, motioned for us to sit
    I was breathing so deep I could have  fallen over. Brent was just sitting still and calm. I leaned in a bit towards Mr. Pack to hear  the conversation better. “I understand that you two were playing in the cafeteria. When I was young I goofed off, too.”  He smiled briefly.   “But  we have rules here for a reason and just as I got in trouble so must you.”
    He kept going on, saying not to do it again and we were  in trouble. Brent choose morning detention and I evening. He also said to stay ourselves, but  just tone it down. With a laugh we left and continued our day, taking detention, and neither me nor Brent ever did that again.

    *(I spent ninety minutes of boredom once and that was enough for me.*.)

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10 Jun, 2014
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