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Goofy's Insane
Goofy's Insane

Goofy's Insane


A drip of sweat falls off Mickey’s head as he peers out of the locker vents into the room full of other lockers. With heavy breathing and keeping his gloved hands over his mouth, Mickey tries to keep the noise down as the room’s only sound is the light’s hum and vented fans.

Goofy’s psychotic laugh echoes into the locker room. He isn’t too far away.

It’s not safe to move around anymore. After running into a dead end and a locked-from-the-outside door, Mickey Mouse wasn’t going to take a chance. He’d rather sit and be quiet until Goofy passed by.

Mickey tightened up and fell below the vents sliding to the bottom as the locker room door squeaked open and slamed with a shut. Metal can be heard dragged on the concrete floor.
“He-yuck, I’m gonna find ya’,” Goofy said with a maniacal tone, almost as if it’s a game to him.


Slowly, Goofy’s knocking on the metal locker doors one by one on the other side of the room.
“Oh come on Mickey,” in a sad voice, “I don’t want to hurt you. All your friends are a-waiting.”

Only they weren’t. Mickey found Goofy’s slaughter room. Filled with tools and jars filled with red fluids and body parts stacked. Sitting on plates with cups and utensils, half eaten. Donald, Goofy’s son Max, Minnie and Pluto. They were all dead with a number of strangers. Who knows how many Goofy has killed.

Mickey, still hunkering down at the bottom, tries to hold steady, but his legs keep shaking at the side of the locker, ready to make commotion.

“I know you’re in here Mickey,” Goofy laughed, “The lights are automatic when someone waltzes on in. He-yuck!”.



Goofy is speeding up his search, banging and banging faster, moving across the room hastily.
“I’m gonna find ya’.”



Goofy, slowly but surely, getting closer to Mickey. Now sinking lower, Mickey takes his hands away from his mouth to hold his legs together to make them stop shaking.




It stopped. The locker knocking stopped. But Goofy grew impatient. His anger rose to a scary-level. His tone is low and aggressive.
“Mickey! Come out and run! Run for me Mickey! RUN!”
The metal made a high-pitched sound of being raised off the ground and a clash rang out as Goofy slammed the ax through the locker.

Ripping it out with a gruff, he slammed it again into the next locker.

Mickey Mouse didn’t know what to do. He held his legs even stronger, becoming smaller and tucking his head in with fear and pain in his body.

The ax is getting closer and closer as Goofy makes his way down the lockers. Mickey counts to himself the number of lockers away Goofy is.

“You can’t hide from me!” Clash!

Mickey, “four.”

“I will find you!” Clash!!

A shiver down Mickey's neck. “Three.”

“I can smell ya’!” CLASH!!!

Heartbeat intensifying. “Two.”

“I can smell you. The fear in you!” CLASH!!!!


Quiet. Nothing. The ax-wielding Goofy stopped spontaneously just as the air vents went dead. Until fast heavy breathing came from above. Something hot and wet dripped down onto Mickey’s head. He looked up to see up in the lighted vents a dark shadow pressed against it as a loud sniff came from what looked like a dog’s nose.



Author Notes: Happy Halloween! He-Yuck

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15 Oct, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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