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Gracie and I

Gracie and I

By Bitter

I am afraid of Gracie. I have been afraid of her since Grade 1 when she came into my life. Gracie looks like a normal teenager, but she has a heart of ice.
Gracie was nice at first. We always told each other about our day, hung out on weekends, and were best friends for 2 years.
Then, she turned on me.
Gracie became cold and mean. She insulted me whenever she saw me. Her bullying got other kids to bully me as well. They said I was crazy, and had no friends. I didn't care about what they said, I only cared about what Gracie said.
Sometimes, Gracie hurt me. It started out with just twisting my arms, but now she uses her fists. She recently cut me on my arms with her pocket knife.
Of course, I didn't let this go on. I got into fights with her, and I told my Mother about the cuts.
She thinks that I did them myself. My teacher thought the same thing when I told him, and now I have to talk to the principal every day.
I think my Mother thinks I'm a little insane.
Gracie's verbal abuse escalated over the years, and the taunting at school also got worse.
I tried to ignore it and most of the time it worked.
I was in my room after school, and Gracie came in. I guess my Mother thought that she was my friend and let her in.
Gracie laughed at me.
"Hey Loser. Nice room." She taunted.
Gracie walked up to my mirror, and smashed it with her fist. Glass shattered everywhere.
I started screaming and Gracie yelled at me.
'Shut up! You're hurting my ears." She laughed and picked up a piece of glass. She walked over and sliced the air.
"Wow. This is SHARP!" She said in a devious voice.
She sliced downward and cut open my chest. I screamed in pain.
Gracie sliced again and caught my cheek with the shard. Blood poured everywhere.
I fell to the floor.
"No! Don't pass out now you st-" Gracie yelled as I closed my eyes.

"When can she come home?" My Mother asked as I sat in a chair behind a glass wall.
I reached to my chest and felt the wounds that Gracie left.
"She has flashes of someone named "Grace". We think it's a split-personality disorder. There is medication, but-" the doctor said, but was cut off by a sudden rush of blood to my ears.
I felt Gracie enter.
"Hey loser." She said.
"Go away. Now!" I yelled.
The doctor and my mother stared in horror.
"She's talking to herself. Why?" My mother whispered to the doctor.
"This is the 'Grace' I'm talking about. She gets these flashes and she-"
The doctor explained, but Gracie's hand shot through the glass between them and grabbed him by the throat.
"It's Gracie." I smiled.
She and I will be friends now.
Friends forever, because we can never leave.

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About The Author
About This Story
12 Sep, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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