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Grandmother Sue, The Slave

Grandmother Sue, The Slave

By airizarry

Chapter 1
Grandma Sue

“I can remember children, the time that I had to go out and pick cotton. I will never forget those years out on the cotton field, from day to night. My back throbbed…. I had no choice. I was under the ownership of this insolent man named Thomas, his wife Dandy, and son Lucas. Oh, that boy Lucas should suffer misfortune. I could not tolerate the punitive treatment from this child another day more. The whole family was a shame. Now I am aging gracefully children. I want you to understand that you have to try your hardest no matter what.”

“But grandma, please don’t leave us”, cried Afrika.
I am sorry Afrika, but I… I think.
“What”? Grandma Sue, replied Trevor in interrogation.
I think that it is time for me to go now, said Sue.
No, No, mama, please don’t go, cried Nafertarte
Here stood the whole family sobbing sadly.

That exquisite voice that had been coming out of Sue was slowly diminishing.
Then suddenly…. there was no response, Sue’s eyes rolled back into her head.
Grandma! Grandma! shouted Trevor.
The next few seconds grandma Sue had despondently passed away.
The whole family stood over Sue, scrutinizing her face, sobbing loudly.
Sue had such delicate creases surrounding her face, the drooping skin by her lip joined with her mouth; her skin color was dark brown almost like melted chocolate. When she was still alive, her eyes were stunning, and very attractive. Those eyes of hers consisted of aqua blue, like the Atlantic Ocean. Sue’s hair was so lenient and had such beautiful texture, almost like a piece of silk. Here stood her body motionless, in the ray of sunlight reflecting from a patch of a hole from the cottage.

The next few days the entire family was uneasy and was poignant that the eldest person in their family had left to soon for them. The sun had started rising slowly.

The family heard a sound coming from nearby; voices of someone. They knew if they were caught together, they would all suffer major consequences. Everyone had promptly ran to their bed, hoping to not get caught.

Then the door slammed loudly. A huge patch of sunlight blinded everyone accept the man. Thomas. Here stood Thomas with his immense stomach hanging out of his shirt, supported by his suspenders. His teeth were yellow, from doing tobacco, his boots were very distracting, and his face looked like a dirty rage that hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. Here this man stood gazing at each individual, almost as if he could sense they were up to no good. One step at a time he walked down the muddy, soggy unsupported floor, to the grandmother lying down. He approached her slowly, almost like a quarry. He had a look of disgust, when he saw that there was no response from her. He picked up his gun, from his gun holder, and swished his gun onto the grandmother, pushing her to see if she was dead. He didn’t want to touch her with his bare hands; because he was afraid that he was going to get a disease. Thomas had shouted out something loudly to one of his workers. Then two black workers came to him, he ordered that they remove this dead body from the cottage, and through it into the lake. The two men grabbed the old woman, picked her up and walked her out of the cottage. Thomas whispered something, under his breath, which was very hard to understand. Then he looked at everyone one more time, and told them, “Get to work, you fools”. Everyone listened to his order, and they ran out to the cotton field with their basket picking out cotton in the blazing sun, hoping for freedom to come one day.

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About This Story
20 Dec, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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