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Grim Fate chapter three

Grim Fate chapter three

By popepop

The next morning, I wake up and reach under my pillow. The serum is still there. I grab it, put on some cute clothes, grab a bag, and then I am off.
In the kitchen, my mom stops me. I scramble with it in my hands for a moment and then hide the serum in my bag, pausing before I look up at her disapproving gaze.
“What do you think you are doing, Evaline?” she asks me, her eyes boring into my very soul. I can feel them piercing my heart.
“I’m going to go visit Grandma,” I say. I am not exactly lying; I’m just not telling her the entire truth.
“Okay, I guess.” Her voice softens a little. “Be back before lunch, though.” She chances a little smile at me.
“Yes, Mother,” I say nicely as I move to walk out of our house. “Thanks. See you later.” My hand is about to grab the handle.
My mom moves in my way and puts her hands on her hips. The smile instantly disappears from her face. “What are you taking your bag for?” she asks me suspiciously. She seems to be in a question-asking mood.
“I have some flowers in here,” I answer, patting my bag gently. “You know. To put on Grandma’s grave.” I almost choke as I think about my grandma sitting in the dirt.
“May I see them?” my mom asks, reaching for the bag. “I haven’t seen flowers for so long. I always have to stay in the house because of village traditions.”
I snatch it away from her. “Sorry,” I say. “They are only for Grandma. Nobody else can see them.”
“Fine,” my mom says. “Can I at least know what kind they are?” Her eyes are begging. I can tell that she believes my lie, even though I can tell that my voice is going higher, the way it always does when I’m lying.
“They are daisies.” I’m making it up as I go along and hoping that she can’t tell that I’m lying. “Gotta go! Bye!” At that I run out the door, not caring if I look suspicious.
The graveyard isn’t very far from our house, in fact, it’s pretty much right behind it. It usually isn’t creepy at all, but the dark, dreary day casts eerie shadows all over the graves. It looks kind of surreal. The perfect day for zombies, I think. But that can’t happen.
Grandma’s grave is the one closest to me. The soil on it has recently been moved. A few autumn leaves lie on top of it, rustling slightly in the gentle breeze.
I slowly take the case out of my bag and open it. It’s still very warm. I don’t know what else to do so I pour a few drops on the grave. We don’t use coffins anymore, so I think it will go right through the ground to Grandma. There is still a lot more so I walk around the creepy graveyard and pour it on the rest of the graves until I run out. Accidently, I spill some on myself at first for my hands are shaking so much. It burns and leaves a bright, red burn mark on my skin after I wipe it off on my jeans. I just hope my mother won’t notice it.
I sit on the ground and lean against a dead tree with no leaves. The wind starts to blow through the trees, sending a chill through my body. Nothing happens and I start to worry that it won’t bring Grandma back to life after all.
I sit under the dead tree for hours. Every once in a while, I will hear something nearby in the forest, or a slight moan of anxiousness and pain, but nothing ever happens to the graves. Nothing ever moves except for leaves that wave in the breeze.
The clouds are gone now and the sun is shining brighter than I have ever seen it. It is almost lunchtime and still nothing has happened. I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I just can’t help it. I was expecting so much of the serum, and now I am completely disappointed. The first warm tear slides down my cheek.
“What did I even expect?!” I shout at myself, the tears now pouring down my face. “Did I think the dead people would come clawing out of the ground, alive and perfectly happy?!” I throw my hands up in the air. “I am such a gullible, useless idiot!” I can feel my face is burning hot. The tears don’t help my mood. “Wimp,” I grumble at myself. “Idiot!”
My last word echoes through the tree, and the birds go flying. I hang my head in shame and slowly walk back to my house, leaving the case behind.

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18 Feb, 2013
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4 mins
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