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Grim Fate chapter two

Grim Fate chapter two

By popepop

I have been completely sad ever since Grandma died.
She was my last grasp on reality. She was the one who told me not the follow in the Saviors footsteps and kill all of the idiots. Now I’m not really sure about anything.
Now I realize that I forgot to say a few things.
My name Evaline Rosanne Boxie. You can call me Eva. I was named after my grandmother, the one who just died. I have jet black hair, and I’m thinking of dying my bangs purple, even though it’s probably not a good idea. My eyes are an icy crystal blue, and my skin is really pale. I used to like everything that my grandmother liked, but now I absolutely hate everything. I cannot stand to live without her.
Anyway, I have three insane best friends. I don’t know why they’re my best friends in the first place because they never have and never will make my life any easier. They basically make it way harder than it should be.
Tyler is a simple girl who loves vampires and pretty much anything else that’s dead. She does whatever she wants, as long as Jessica okays it first. Tyler’s hair is dyed black so that it looks kind of like mine. She always wears purple contacts and has stopped tanning. Her love of vampires has obviously gone to her head. I liked her way better before with her beautiful, silky blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes that would just light up the room no matter how dark the situation was. But what can I possibly do?
After Tyler, there’s Jessica, a.k.a. one of the worst friends I could have possibly chosen. Jessica acts kind of like the leader of our little group. She orders us around a lot. Whether it’s telling us the game plan when we’re playing tag, or making sure we know our lines when we tell jokes, she’s always trying to make us “win.” She also does whatever she can to protect and defend Tyler, which is really annoying. Jessica’s hair is a reddish-brown color that looks like the leaves on a tree in the middle of autumn. She always has her pretty hair pulled back in a ponytail, so she’s ready to spring and attack at any moment and her hair won’t be getting in the way. Jessica’s eyes are a dark pit of brown that can always tell when a lie is in progress. One thing about Jessica is that she absolutely hates lying. She hates lying more than she hates her hair hanging down!
The last person is Shana, the complete idiot. Shana is basically the follower of our group. She kind of just follows us around and does whatever someone else is doing, no matter how bad it is. Shana doesn’t really speak her mind unless she’s saying something extremely stupid. She is kind of an airhead so I don’t get why the Saviors didn’t kill her. Usually the Saviors kill all of the idiots. Shana has light brown hair and dark hazel eyes that are always pretty happy-looking. She wears her hair in a ponytail a lot just to copy Jessica.
In the end, I am basically the glue that holds this friendship together. Without me, my so-called “friends” would go off and get themselves killed! Honestly, I wouldn’t really mind if that happened, but their parents might not be so happy with me.
Anyhow, I live in a small village somewhere in what used to eastern California-or at least I think that’s what it was called. We don’t have school anymore and the only jobs we have are as scientists and doctors, but no one really knows why.
An earthquake happened in Japane one day, then a volcano erupted in Haweewee-I think that’s what they were called. Everyone in the world went into complete “panic mode” for days and days. All of the rulers of each country were called together. They soon made a group of people they decided to call Saviors because they saved us from the madness. To keep order, they made certain outfits for certain days, and so many other things that I don’t get at all. While they trying to keep order, the madness didn’t stop. I mean, that one’s a huge duh! Blah, blah, blah . . . many people died. Blah, blah, blah . . . our world became smaller and people formed their own villages. Now no one knows if any more villages exist somewhere out there. Apparently, life stinks.
No one usually does much around our village because there’s not exactly anything to do. Us kids usually just walk around all day and play boring old tag. I can’t stand it, but there’s nothing better to do. I used to visit Grandma every single day, but I can’t now because she is obviously gone. Without her, life is a burden that I have to carry on my frail shoulders.
I sigh as I throw my pillow against the wall. My pillow shatters my glass skull-the one thing the Saviors let me own. It’s always reminded me of Grandma, but now it’s gone along with her. I can’t help feeling like dying might be a relief because then I’d be with Grandma again. But Grandma told me to never give up on life no matter how hard it gets.
The shattering of glass must have made a big racket because next thing I know, my mother is standing in my room, her eyes menacing. I think I must have interrupted her “quiet time”. Like I care about it.
“What on Earth are you doing in here?” she asks, looking around suspiciously. Suddenly her eyes land on the shattered glass. “What did you do that for?”
“I didn’t mean to,” I say, not looking her in the eyes. My voice sounds bored.
“Well. Then how did it happen?” She sounds stern now.
“I threw a stinkin’ pillow.” I look up. “Isn’t that okay with you?” My smile is big and fake. Annoying my mother is just too easy.
My mother just shakes her head and walks out, slamming the door behind her. I slouch down and stare at the wall.
Why do I have to be so stupid, I wonder. Why I can’t I just not break stuff, have better friends, and a grandmother that isn’t dead?
I leave myself to sit and wonder some more, and soon I find myself asleep.

“Eva . . .” Some is calling my name, awaking me from my well-deserved snooze. “Eva . . . Wake up, Eva.” I don’t move. “Wake up already!”
“Hmm?” I sit up and rub my eyes. “What do you want?”
There stand Jessica, Shana, and Tyler. For some reason, they look proud of themselves and are smiling very happily. They look like they are feeling the opposite of what I am feeling.
“We found something,” Jessica answers, smiling mischievously. “Something that might interest you.”
“What did you find now?” I ask them, obviously annoyed. “Let me guess. You found a tree with initials carved into it?”
“Of course not, silly. We’ll show you. Come on!” Tyler says, grabbing my arm and yanking me out of my bed. She then leads me out of my house.
“Where are we going?” I finally ask them.
“You’ll find out in a few minutes,” Jessica says. “Just shut up and keep walking until we’re there.”
In the dim evening light, I watch as we walk past the village and its thirteen-floor hospital. We walk a little ways through the forest that surrounds our small village, and then we stop in a small clearing. I recognize where we are almost immediately. We are at the old cave where we would always go exploring as kids, but never venture very far inside for fear of getting lost. I think there was something wrong with us back then because we all know that it’s just a long tunnel. No forks or dead ends in there. Just a long tunnel that leads to nowhere.
“What are we doing here?” I ask.
“We found something deep in the cave,” Tyler answers. “We found something super awesome that we think you’ll like.”
Without saying a single word, Tyler lets go of my arm and instead starts pushing me into the dark cave. Her arms feel strong and are shaking slightly, as if she is scared of what is inside. I start shaking, too.
“Why am I going first?” I ask, frightened by their strange behavior. Tyler doesn’t stop pushing me.
“Just so you don’t run away,” Jessica says simply.
“W-why would I run away?” I ask, becoming more and more scared after each thing they say to me.
“You just would.” Jessica is annoyed. “Are you done asking questions now?” The ferocity in her eyes intimidates me.
I nod and start walking into the pitch blackness of the cave. I can hear footsteps behind me and Shana’s annoying “happy song”. A strange sense of calm washes over me as I walk with my hands out to avoid crashing into anything.
After what seems like an hour of walking (but was actually only ten minutes), I see a faint bluish glow coming from around a corner. I run around to see what it is, not even thinking about the dangers of what can be there.
There is a glass chamber in the middle of a small cavern. In it, there is a floating blue case. I step closer and see it reads:
Life Serum # 1AB79

“Why did you guys bring me here?” I ask. “What is this?”
“Think of it as a gift from us, to you.” Jessica smiles kindly. “It’s to bring your grandmother back.” I can now see the sincerity in her smile. “Go on.” She pushes me forward. “Open it already! Let’s see what’s inside it!”
Slowly, I reach for the glass chamber and pull on the little knob I had seen earlier. It opens with a slight squeak, but no alarms go off. I reach in and grab the blue case. It is warm and vibrating slowly, making it seem almost alive as it comes to rest in my hand. I pull it out and the lights in the glass chamber die down, but never go out completely. I turn the tube around in my hand. The glow of it seems to be pulsing like a heart in my shaking hand.
“Let’s get out of here now,” Tyler says, running off.
We all follow Tyler, and as I run, I silently chant. There is still hope for Grandma. There is still hope for Grandma.
And even though most people I know would say that it’s impossible to bring anyone back to life, my friends and I grasp onto the fact--the hope--that it is possible, no matter what anyone says. We all hope.

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18 Feb, 2013
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9 mins
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