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By guaphellamhor23


I like you

You know I do

I told you I like you

You see that it’s true

I showed you how I care for you

I told you I like you and I really do

And I know you saw what went through

Nothing though went on between us two

I take it as a challenge every time I see you

It’s always hard to start a conversation with you

It’s not easy for me to pass you by and get by your side

I can’t help but be discreet for what I really have from my mind

I want you to know what I see, hear and what I feel exactly for you

It doesn’t seem to be easy for me and never going to be quick to say too

I hope just like the growing roots of this tree beneath the ground we are into

You’ll be able to let me be able to grow with you and nourish memories with you

Just like the lofty mountain side we may have in our journey through the life we’re up to

I’m wishing you’ll be with me and together hand in hand we will surpass them all through

From the small top view that had been our beginning since the day I realized that I like you

I would like to believe I can make it, and you’ll let me be with you until we both come to grow.


P Please consider the environment before printing this mail.

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2 Oct, 2011
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1 min
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