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Growing Up and Getting Older

Growing Up and Getting Older

By SharonKrager

.My name is Molly and I live in a big city with my Mom, Dad and little brother Jake. My birthday is coming soon, and Mom says I am growing up and getting older. She says now I can help with chores. I can wash dishes, clean my room and help take care of my little brother.
Jake likes for me to tell him stories while we sit by the window in his room. We can see all of the people doing busy things on the streets. There are lots of things to see in the city. We see big buildings, cars, buses and people every where. I tell stories to Jake about the things we see from his window. Mom likes it when I spend time with him.
Sometimes we go to the city park. I hold Jake's hand as we cross the street in front of our apartment. When we go shopping, I help hold the bags. I am glad that growing up and getting older means I can do a lot more things.
I get on the bus with my family to go across town to visit Grandma. She says that I am growing up and getting older too. If she needs help with sweeping or pulling weeds in the garden, I help her do that. Grandma always thanks me and says she looks forward to when I visit again.
Some days after school, I talk with the janitor of our apartment building. If he is cleaning or taking out trash, i ask if I can help him. Since he knows me so well, he lets me help once in a while.
If I go visit friends or relatives, I help them too. I like to be old enough to help.
I am glad that I am growing up and getting older.

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6 Apr, 2014
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