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guess who??

guess who??

By madivh2288

Ok, well this boy named Alex was to dream for but no one knew that i liked him. only my best friends Mandy and Sandy knew. But that didn't last for long when out of the blue Mandy got mad because i was talking to him in science and social studies everyday because he was pretty cool. The fact is she called me a slut for talking to a guy when she has sent bad pictures and talked about bad things but Sandy in this whole thing was laying back wondering what to do. so as most girls would she picked a side and that side was Mandy's. she picked her over me because apparently i cause more drama for not being friends with the friends she is friends with. when i still to the side letting people talk bad about me i don't do much but watch, although it always bottles up. then about 3-4 months later i told them to come over for a crazy.. party so that i never get accused of "other things".
then Sandy and Mandy totally got caught in the bathroom giving blowies to black dudes. the black dudes then shot all in their face and offered them cigs in return for the sexual favors. a teacher walked in and saw sandy and mandy, declaring their independence from the union.

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13 May, 2011
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