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"Hello, this is Amber from Guidance. How can we help you find yourself today?" The woman voiced out cheerfully from the other side of the phone. Though, I stayed silent in disbelief. I couldn't believe that someone had actually picked up the phone. I thought the number that was given to me was a joke. "Hello?" I licked my tender lips before letting out the keyword.

"Yes, I would like to talk to Dr. Sandman." I waited patiently for the woman to respond but it began to ring again. This time a man with a muscular voice answered.

"How can I help you?" I was hesitant on what to say again. The palm of my hands began to sweat while my breathing became uneven. "I have never seen your number before. You must be new to this. Let me explain what you just did. You called one of the many companies that are involved with black market. Did you know this would happen?" He waited patiently for my answer. It took me a while to gather up my courage to speak.

"I doubted that it would. I was given this number by a friend of mine."

"So, you have no need for us? Please hang up. The further you are on call with us, the more you put yourself at risk." I couldn't let him hang up on me. I did have purpose of calling but my social anxiety always got in the way.

"Actually, I wanted to know exactly what you guys do? So, I know if I can properly use your services or not." He stayed silent for a few moments before answering her question.

"As you probably heard, psychologist are hard to find these days since most went against the government out of spite. People believed that they left their profession to something less risky but that wasn't the case. Psychologist had took the knowledge they had and took over the black market. Guidance is the base for the top psychologist that you can hire to help with what you desire." He finished explaining in a heartbeat. I had to really think about my decision but I just didn't.

"I'm guessing the more you are willing to pay, the more chance on getting the best out of them." I knew money wasn't an issue with me. My parents had left me enough money that I could live off for a life time.

"Correct. They also come with the power they have over the market. Anything you want they can give you. How much are you willing to pay?"

"How much is your best?" The sound of a keyboard keys clicking away as I wanted for an answer.

"One million dollars for our number one psychologist, Sebastian Whitewood." I couldn't help but mildly gasp at the price but I was determined to have the best.

I needed the best in order to reach my chaotic goal.

"I'll take him."

"I'm sending your call to Amber so she can collect the money and schedule your meeting. By the way, Fate Evergold. You better watch out. You have just sign up for something you can never back out." He switched the calls without another word but I could feel the chills he left me when he said what he did.

"Miss. Evergold, can you please give me your banking information." I really didn't hear her ask me the question. I was more focus on the fact my life was now in danger.

Great going impulse tendencies.

Author Notes: This was a writing prompt I did back in July. I just wanted to share with others.

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4 Aug, 2018
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